A global and interconnected asset management ecosystem

Since its inception, Sirfull has been convinced that the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry's digitalization will necessarily involve a global and interconnected asset management ecosystem.

The asset management ecosystem brings together multiple players and digital solutions that are not necessarily connected to each other. However, from the perspective of the end user and the IT department, an interconnected IT environment is highly effective and efficient for internal management. For these reasons, Sirfull's development strategy is based on technological and commercial partnerships around the world, in order to provide our customers with a global offering and support them in their digitalization strategy.

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Lincoln Electric

One of the major players in welding industry

Since 1895, the American giant Lincoln Electric has been manufacturing welding products, arc welding equipment, welding consumables, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment and robotic welding systems. Distributed in more than 160 countries, the company has 42 manufacturing facilities worldwide.


When industrial expertise meets digital technology


MaxGrip's consultants enable organizations in asset-intensive industries to achieve continuous improvements on their asset performance, also using the power of digital transformation.

MaxGrip embraces Industry 4.0 with asset performance management (APM) and maintenance experience spanning more than two decades in industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage, FMCG and utilities, and infrastructure.

MaxGrip's experienced consultants connect people with technology assets, data and processes to transform business strategies around the world into solid successes.

DIMO Maint

When industrial expertise meets digital technology

Thousands or even millions of pieces of equipment, increasingly strict and constantly changing regulatory standards, multiple data sources and unconnected software solutions, a large number of external and internal stakeholders, make it extremely difficult to
cost-effective management of industrial sites and groups.

The Sirfull Maintenance Suite associated with DIMO Maint CMMS, represents a huge potential to improve maintenance and inspection operations. The features, capabilities and qualities of this innovative solution will allow you to maximize the performance of your equipment, while minimizing costs and resources invested. Thus, the profitability of your industrial sites and your company as a whole will be optimized.

Sirfull and DIMO Maint: two offers which are respectively enriched for an increased industrial performance!

About DIMO Maint

DIMO Maint is a subsidiary of DIMO Software and has been specialized for more than 25 years in the edition of software for maintenance management. With 4000 customers worldwide and offices in Toronto, Mexico City, Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Kuala Lumpur, DIMO Maint is positioned as a major player in the market of next generation cloud and on-premise CMMS solutions.

DIMO Maint accompanies the digital transformation of the maintenance function of organizations, from small and medium-sized companies to large international accounts in all sectors of activity (industry, energy, environment, health, mines, quarries, public works, hotels, tertiary sector, etc.)

Mobile, scalable, simple to use and easy to deploy, DIMO Maint CMMS solutions simplify and secure the daily life of maintenance teams. Interoperable, they promote intra and inter-departmental communication.