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In 2024, the national low-carbon policy encourages manufacturers to step up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The target of a 35% reduction by 2015 should be raised to 50%. Achieving this objective relied above all on efforts to reduce energy consumption, which have already reached their limits. So we need to go further and invest in innovative solutions.

Carbon neutrality has become a crucial objective in the fight against climate change. To achieve this goal, we need to rethink our industrial production methods and promote sustainable practices.

Industrial inspection and innovation play a key role in this transition.

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Industrial inspection

Industrial inspection is designed to detect the first signs of equipment problems, improve the efficiency of industrial facilities and ensure site safety. By promoting a detailed and effective inspection strategy, companies can :

  • extend the life of their equipment,
  • to avoid any industrial incidents,
  • reduce unplanned downtime
  • and optimize their energy efficiency.

It also reduces the need for resources to manufacture new equipment, helping to reduce the carbon emissions associated with industrial production.

Technological innovation

Innovation is crucial to developing new technologies and industrial processes that are more respectful of the environment. This can include adopting renewable energy sources, using sustainable materials, developing more efficient production processes and integrating cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize industrial operations.

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By promoting industrial inspection and innovation, companies can reduce their carbon footprint while remaining competitive on the global market. This often requires initial investment, but in the long term these initiatives can lead to significant savings in energy and materials costs, while helping to combat climate change.

It is therefore essential that governments, businesses and society as a whole recognize the importance of industrial inspection and innovation in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, and provide the necessary support to encourage their widespread adoption.

Did you know?

Our Linspec Cloud software is your ally in your industrial inspection missions. It extends equipment life and avoids premature replacement of around 20% of equipment.

By reducing the early production of new equipment, it becomes a carbon footprint-reducing solution for the planet.

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