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In the field of bioethics, technological advances, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), play a crucial role. The European Bioethics Forum on “AI & Us” highlights this exciting intersection between ethics and technology. More than ever, AI is positioning itself as an essential tool for facilitating the work of its users in healthcare as in many other fields.

AI, an essential partner

Artificial intelligence offers a diverse range of applications that are revolutionizing all professional practices. In the context of the European Bioethics Forum in Strasbourg, this technology is examined from the angle of its potential to enrich decision-making processes while respecting fundamental ethical principles.

Making complex decisions easier

These days, decisions are rarely simple. They often involve dilemmas where many factors have to be taken into account. AI comes into play here as an analysis and decision-support tool, making it possible to examine large datasets, identify trends, and provide relevant information to inform the choices of many practitioners.

SIRFULL Forum Bioéthique

Access to knowledge

One of the great strengths of AI lies in its ability to process huge quantities of data and extract actionable knowledge. In terms of bioethics, this implies a heightened awareness of consent and confidentiality issues.

In conclusion, the European Bioethics Forum highlights the crucial role of artificial intelligence in the medical field, which can be transposed to many other areas. As an indispensable tool, AI facilitates the task of its users by providing in-depth analysis and enlightened perspectives. This intersection between technology and ethics promises to shape the future of society as a whole, by ensuring the ethical development and use of these technologies.

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