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Software publisher for traceability and welding quality, SIRFULL draws on its experience in industry to offer solutions that make everyday life easier for all boilermakers, pipe fitters, welders and others.

In this context, SIRFULL is a member of the Institut de Soudure, the technical reference for welding and associated controls in France and abroad.

With over 2,000 active members, the Institut de Soudure creates an environment conducive to the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between industrialists and experts.
The Institute responds to the needs of the industry in terms of :

  • risk management,
  • regulatory compliance,
  • document watch,
  • industrial performance,
  • monitoring changes in standards and regulations.
SIRFULL - Article Institut de soudure

Being an active member of the Welding Institute enables SIRFULL to keep abreast of technical and regulatory developments in the welding field, and to meet and exchange ideas with other members at events organized throughout the year.

A day dedicated to the challenges of nuclear power

At the end of March, SIRFULL’s product teams took part in one of the technical days organized by the Institute on the theme of “Nuclear Applications”.

This day, dedicated to advances in welding, additive manufacturing and non-destructive testing applied to the nuclear sector, enabled SIRFULL to keep abreast of the future challenges facing the sector, and to benefit from feedback on innovative solutions from prime contractors and equipment manufacturers.

Facing up to the revival of nuclear power in Europe will be the challenge of the coming years.
Having the right tools and skills will therefore be essential to the success of this energy transition.

For SIRFULL, the challenge will be to continue providing innovative solutions to meet the security needs of industrial sites, including nuclear sites.

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SIRFULL is proud to be part of this community, and to exchange views with industry players on their issues and needs. In the complex panorama of industry, where quality, reliability and efficiency are imperative, collaboration with industry players is essential to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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