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Guarantee the conformity of your equipment

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Why inspect your equipment with business software?


accidents at French SEVESO sites in 2022.


of accident causes are linked to inspection organization and procedures.


formal notices by Safety Authorities in 2022.

Inspect, secure, and improve the lifecycle of your critical equipment with Linspec Cloud.

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A business solution that helps you in inspecting your industrial facilities

Are you looking to reduce the time and effort required to run your operations? Centralize the inspection and regulatory monitoring of your critical equipment.

Linspec Cloud enables you to manage your entire equipment park, ensuring technical and regulatory compliance.

The solution is suitable for any industrial site, including high-risk industrial sites (for example SEVESO upper and lower sites).

Increase the reliability and safety of your equipment

Proactively manage equipment by detecting potential risks before they become critical.

Structure your inspection activities

Gain time from creating your equipment and its technical data till their commissioning ad operation.

Assess and monitor your equipment

Assess the criticality of equipment to etablish the appropriate inspection action and schedule.

Secure your industrial sites and equipment

Linspec Cloud helps you identify potential risks before they become critical. The software thus enables rapid intervention, reinforcing operational safety and contributing to the continuity of industrial activities.

Linspec Cloud uses RBI (Risk Based Inspection) methodology, based on equipment criticality, to help users improve their inspection programs. As criticality plays a crucial role in industrial risk prevention, it is important to take it into account when planning controls.

Structure your inspection procedures

Linspec Cloud revolutionizes inspection activities, from the design of equipment registers to their follow-up. Benefit from a tool that saves you a considerable amount of time in your inspection activities, thanks to established, easily applicable and replicable procedures.

In addition to equipment data, our inspection software centralizes all inspector reports. This way, you maintain full control over the data while standardizing your procedures.

Track your equipment at a glance

Thanks to its Business Intelligence (BI), Linspec Cloud provides a global view of your site’s equipment, enabling you to plan your inspection actions intelligently, taking into account the criticality of each piece of equipment. A real assistant in the creation of your inspection schedules, you can easily obtain your inspection schedules and logs.

The software lets you avoid multiple production downtimes by grouping operations according to their deadlines.

Main features
Linspec Cloud

The software offers features covering the needs of inspection services for all industrial sites, including high-risk industrial sites.

Linspec Cloud can be connected to third-party tools such as ERP (SAP, Oracle, Infor, etc.) or CMMS (Maximo, SAP PM, etc.).


Management of equipment registry

Keep an overview of your equipment fleet: the regulations attached to each piece of equipment, manufacturer data, related equipment, etc.

Follow-up on inspection and control activities

Track your action plan and deadlines in real time with our dashboards.


The software allows you to create a report for each action.

Control monitoring

Define and monitor control points for your assets, whether visual, thickness, meter, etc. controls. So you can keep an eye on the measurements taken and their evolution over time.

Analysis of degradation modes

Classify your equipment according to its mode of deterioration.

Criticality assesment (ex: RBI)

Retrieve all your criticality studies and prioritize equipment inspection according to risk level. Quickly estimate the remaining life of each piece of equipment.

Creation of inspection and control plans

Compile all the information into a document summarizing, in particular, the equipment and their characteristics, modes of degradation, and the frequency of inspections/controls to be carried out.

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