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French leader in welding quality and inspection software

SIRFULL - Who we are

Solid expertise in welding and inspection.

SIRFULL draws on its experience in industry to offer solutions that optimize the safety of any industrial site. Our solutions, devised by experts, are designed to meet the specific needs of the welding, inspection and industrial maintenance trades.
SIRFULL is currently the only French software publisher dedicated to the construction and in-service monitoring of boilermaking and piping equipment.

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industrial sites.

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million assets.

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Our ambition


At the heart of efforts to reindustrialize and modernize infrastructures, SIRFULL stands out by offering a complete, scalable solution that meets the more stringent industrial standards that require cutting-edge skills.

The company is convinced that integrating AI at the heart of processes can revolutionize increasingly demanding and complex industrial businesses. By anticipating current and future needs, our aim is to transform industrial processes by placing AI at the heart of the approach, freeing manufacturers from the constraints of the past.

SIRFULL is a key partner in solving real-life industrial challenges.

Our history


Creation of the company by experts.


Launch of the1st 100% SaaS solution dedicated to welding.


Integration of 2IO, a company specializing in inspection software.


Launch of our 100% SaaS inspection solution.


Start of partnership with Lincoln Electric in the United States.


Launch of the SIRFULL Core technology platform.

A lasting commitment

Concerned about its environmental, social and societal footprint, SIRFULL is committed to sustainable transformation.

Our planet needs energy to live, so we need to be thrifty in the way we consume energy. For a number of years now, our company has been bringing products to market that meet stringent safety and economic requirements. Our experience in maintenance and inspection is designed to optimize the safety of operations in these particular fields.

Let’s be eco-responsible and put digital technology to work for us, while retaining control of our data. Optimized management of your data will enable you, thanks to AI, to have effective feedback on your equipment in the future.

Dare to be exceptional. Dare to put your trust in young French and European digital companies like SIRFULL. Dare to create the jobs we need.

Jean-Claude Lambolez – President of SIRFULL


SIRFULL has been awarded the Numérique Responsable – Level 1 label, for organizations committed to responsible, sober, ethical and inclusive digital business.

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Our values

In each of our actions to build the tools of today and tomorrow, we undertake these values.


SIRFULL places the constant search for improvement at the heart of its business, in order to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


SIRFULL solutions speed up your inspection and welding procedures, saving you significant time.


SIRFULL is committed to a CSR policy aimed at reducing the social, societal and environmental impact of its activity.


SIRFULL implements a strict policy of IT security and data protection to guarantee the reliability of its solutions.

Our ecosystem

SIRFULL’s network of partners forms a dynamic ecosystem in which the interconnection of players and digital solutions is crucial. From the outset, we have been convinced of the importance of this synergy in industrial digitalization.

Our partners are an invaluable resource for better understanding and grasping the needs of the market, and thus effectively supporting our customers in their digital transformation.