Equipment is at the heart of our development


Our history

SIRFULL has more than 30 years of experience in the industry in the service of welding, inspection and maintenance for an optimized safety, thanks to the digital tools, accessible from now on to any size of structures.

SIR FULL SERVICE is a French service company founded in 2014 by Jean-Claude LAMBOLEZ. It offers inspection, maintenance and welding services to its industrial customers. 

SIR FULL SERVICE is the result of the merger of two companies: one specializing in inspection (2IO) and the other in maintenance and welding (SIR).

French leader in welding quality and inspection software, it is now tackling the international market.


Sustainable commitment

SIRFULL is concerned about its environmental, social and societal footprint, and is committed to Responsible Digital Technology, and will, in particular, include this parameter in the eco-design of its software.

"Our planet needs energy to live, that's why we have to be thrifty on how we consume energy, so we can control our pollution.

All forms of energy must meet strict criteria of safety and economy; our survival depends on it.
For several years, the young company SIRFULL has been marketing products that meet these requirements. Our experience in maintenance and inspection is designed tosafely optimize your operations in these particular areas.

We need to build a safe maintenance system, with reduced costs: this is a sine qua non condition to reduce our losses, our accidents and the resulting energy used. Let's be eco-responsible, and let's know how to put digital technology to work for us, while keeping control of our data.

Efficient maintenance leads to a considerable reduction in production costs: it allows for better optimization of equipment availability, as well as better inventory management. Optimized management of your data will allow you to have effective feedback on your equipment in the future, thanks to AI.

Dare to be an exceptional operational practice.
Dare to trust young French and European digital companies like SIRFULL.
Dare to create the jobs we need."

- Jean-Claude Lambolez

Our values

Optimized security

Your inspection, welding and maintenance procedures are standardized on a digital tool, including all your data, as well as that of the regulations in force, enriched by the experience of your peers from the largest groups.


These tools will save you time and money in your inspection, welding and maintenance procedures. The ROI is 6 months on average.


Developed for large groups, the solution is now modular, you buy what you need and only what you need.

Easily connectable to your other digital tools, to your CMMS and userfriendly, the solution is a vector of cohesion between the teams and a tool of piloting and reporting for the Management.

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