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In 2023, SIRFULL continued its commitment to CSR. Aware of the importance of reducing our economic, social and environmental footprint, we took concrete action this year. These initiatives have been designed with the constant aim of becoming actively involved in responsible practices. Now it’s time for the CSR report.

CSR report of our actions in 2023

  1. SIRFULL has committed to a Responsible Digital approach by joining the LUCIE Community. It has been awarded the Numérique Responsable level 1 label. This approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing its digital footprint. Several actions have taken place: in-house viewing of MOOCs to raise awareness of best practices, launch of audits, commitment to progress, etc.
SIRFULL - csr report 2023
  1. In line with this commitment to responsible digital business, the company has launched its Responsible Digital Charter. It integrates societal, ethical and environmental aspects. It also aims to limit the impact of digital tools and develop offers accessible to all.
  1. As cybersecurity has a role to play in CSR, SIRFULL has implemented a rigorous data protection policy. The objectives were numerous: to monitor and avoid potential attacks, block malicious sites, guarantee optimal software performance and secure data with strong algorithms and encryption. The company takes proactive measures to guarantee the confidentiality and security of its users’ sensitive information.
  1. Aware of the impact of professional events, SIRFULL opted to design and purchase a reusable stand. Made from sustainable materials such as aluminum and stretch fabric, it has significantly reduced the amount of waste generated at events. The selection of local partners has helped reduce transport-related emissions. The stand was designed in Alsace, close to SIRFULL’s head office, as were the graphics for the visuals.
  1. SIRFULL has donated unused furniture and computer equipment to EMMAÜS. Chairs, shelves, desks and a whole range of IT equipment (computer screens, keyboards, mice, etc.) will be given a second life. By choosing EMMAÜS, committed to the circular economy, SIRFULL has chosen to support social initiatives. What’s more, it promotes the accessibility of digital resources to as many people as possible.

En route to 2024

The results obtained following the implementation of these various actions encourage SIRFULL to pursue its commitment. This is the path that will be followed in 2024. The first challenge will be to organize a Digital Cleanup Day, a global day to raise awareness of the environmental footprint of digital technology. On the agenda: data cleansing, extending hardware lifecycles, recycling unusable hardware, etc.

SIRFULL has also decided to join the EMMAÜS Connect initiative. Its aim is to make the digital age “an opportunity for all” by providing free access to computer courses, cheap reconditioned equipment and, above all, connection facilities at solidarity prices.