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Terms and conditions of sale

SIRFULL terms and conditions of sale

C.G.V. at 01/04/2023

1. Preamble

Sir Full Service SAS – All rights reserved – SIRFULL is a registered trademark of Sir Full Service SAS 

SAS – RCS Strasbourg TI 529,743,239 – SIRET 529,743,00012 – Code APE 7112 B N° Identification. VAT FR 62 529 743 239 Place of jurisdiction: Strasbourg – France 

Head office: 3 allée d’Helsinki 67300 Schiltigheim 

Sir Full Service SAS develops and markets software for the industry, more particularly in Welding Quality and industrial assets  Inspection and Maintenance, operating in SaaS mode, Software as a Service. 

Sir Full Service has also informed the Customer of the constraints of use of the Service and its requirements, which are detailed in the document “Technical Requirements” accessible at any time on the Sir Full Service website (http://www.sirfull com/en). 

In accordance with its duty to cooperate, the Customer must define its real needs and provide Sir Full Service with all the necessary information so that the latter may usefully advise him and determine the adequacy of the Service to his needs. 

To this end, the Customer may, in particular, prior to acceptance of the Agreement, request Sir Full Service to provide any additional information and/or to attend an additional demonstration of the Service, failing which the Customer acknowledges having been sufficiently informed. 

Any specifications or document expressing requirements drawn up by the Customer shall under no circumstances be considered by Sir Full Service under the Contract unless expressly validated by Sir Full Service prior to the signature of this Agreement and included as an appendix hereto. 

Sir Full Service may only provide Services adapted to the needs expressed by the Customer under a specific contract that takes precedence over these general terms and conditions for the use of SaaS services. 

The Customer is informed that the Services, in particular training or configuration services offered by Sir Full Service, are necessary for the proper use of the Service. Consequently, it is up to the Client, having regard to his needs, to assess the opportunity to use or not to use these services. 

1.1. Définitions

For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms shall be understood as defined below: 

WELDING CLOUD, LINSPEC CLOUD, POWERMAINT CLOUD” refers to the set of software packages and applications published and marketed by Sir Full Service. 

“Purchase Order” means the documents used to place a purchase order hereunder, including any amendments thereto. Purchase Orders are deemed to be incorporated herein by reference. 

“Customer” means the legal entity or the natural person, co-contractor of Sir Full Service, acting in the context of its professional, commercial, industrial, artisanal, or liberal activity. 

“Contract” means the contractual whole composed of several parts and several documents, namely the “Ordered Items” part, the “Order Form” part, the present SaaS General Terms of Use and the Technical Requirements. 

“Customer Data” means the information (including Personal Data) for which the Customer is responsible for entering or causes to be entered, fills in, transmits and processes while using the Service. 

“Personal Data” means personal data within the meaning of Directive 95/46/EC and Law No. 78 -17 of January 6, 1978, known as the Data Protection Act of June 20, 2018 and its implementing decrees or any other applicable regulation, which the Customer collects and as part of its use of the Service enters, informs, transmits or processes. 

“Updates” means the improvements made to the existing standard application services accessible under the Service, and decided unilaterally by Sir Full Service, regarding functional developments and provided that such adaptations or developments do not make it necessary to rewrite a substantial part of the existing standard application services. The Updates also include the correction of possible anomalies of the Service. Updates are provided in execution of Support. 

“Technical Requirements” means the characteristics of the hardware and computing devices recommended by Sir Full Service that must be implemented and respected by the Customer to access and use the Service. The latest version of the Technical Requirements is available at any time on Sir Full Service website or at any other address provided by Sir Full Service. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the evolution of its hardware and devices in accordance with the evolution of the Technical Requirements. 

“User Workstation” means the Customer’s computer equipment and devices allowing him to access the Service. The User Workstation must comply with the Technical Requirements. 

“Services” means the implementation services related to the Service (analysis, configuration, training) offered by Sir Full Service and subscribed to by the Customer under separate general conditions. 

“Service” means the standard application services of the SIR FULL SERVICE suite and its associated applications, as well as the Support, invoiced or not. The Service is intended for business use. The Service has been designed and developed for the international market. 

“Support” means assistance in the use of the Service and standard application services. Support can only be provided by Sir Full Service if the Customer has an account on the production databases of its applications. 

“User” means a physical person who is part of the Customer’s staff and who is authorized by the Customer to use the SIR FULL SERVICE suite applications. 

1.2. Acceptance of the contract

The Client is deemed to have read the Contract as defined in article 2 and to have duly accepted it without reservation and with full knowledge of the facts. 

The Contract is evidenced by the signing of an Order Form, by the issuing of an order or by the conclusion of the online order referring to these general terms and conditions for the use of SaaS services and related services and constituting acceptance of the entire Contract.  

For the purposes of remote acceptance of the Agreement, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that faxes signed by one of its representatives or agents, received by Sir Full Service, have the value of a written proof and can be validly opposed by Sir Full Service. 

The acceptance of the Contract by electronic means has the same evidential value between the Parties as the agreement on paper. The computerized records kept in the computer systems will be kept in reasonable security conditions and considered as proof of communication between the Parties. The contractual documents are archived on a reliable and durable medium that can be produced as proof. 

2. Provisions relating to the service

2.1. Right of access to the service

In return for the payment of the subscription fee stipulated in the “Items ordered” part of the Order Form or in the online order, Sir Full Service grants the Customer a right of access to the Service limited to the number of Named Users and/or to any other units of work expressed in terms of quantities, thresholds or ceilings, these elements being fixed in the Order Form. 

Named User means, according to the Services and the terms of use: the users, natural persons, designated by the Customer with a login, an e-mail address, and a personal password, who can access the Service. 

Sir Full Service may grant the Customer an interconnection between its information system and the Service through the exchange interfaces (API) provided for this purpose. Any use of the APIs provided by Sir Full Service is subject to a prior agreement issued by Sir Full Service and may be subject to a service fee at the time of its implementation. The use of the APIs of Sir Full Service is activated by an additional annual subscription. 

This right of access to the Service is granted exclusively for the Customer’s professional needs. 

Sir Full Service owns all applicable intellectual property rights to the Service or represents that, where a third party owns the intellectual property, it has obtained the right to market or distribute the Service from that third party. This Agreement does not grant the Customer any ownership rights in the Service, its technology or the intellectual property rights owned by Sir Full Service or any third party. 

The Customer is forbidden to undermine the Service in any way, and to use the Service in a way that does not comply with its purpose and with the conditions set out in the Agreement. Consequently, the Customer shall not reverse engineer the Service to develop a competing product or service and/or copy or reproduce any features, functions or graphic attributes of the Service. 

The Customer: undertakes to use the Service only in accordance with its professional purpose for the sole professional needs of their activity; guarantees the respect of this Agreement by the Users; is solely responsible for the contents broadcasted and/or downloaded via the Services and assumes full responsibility for the accuracy, integrity and legality of the Customer Data transmitted to Sir Full Service as part of the Service.  

In particular, considering the authorized use of the Service by the Customer, the Customer will not send or store non-professional data and more generally data of illicit, obscene, defamatory or illegal nature or in violation of a third party’s right, of the protection of minors or of privacy; undertakes not to distribute the Service, exploit it for commercial purposes, or make it available to third parties; undertakes not to alter or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Service or the data contained therein; undertakes not to attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the Service or the systems or networks associated with it. 

2.2. Terms of service performance

Sir Full Service undertakes to provide the Service in accordance with the order. 

The Service will be used by the Customer under his sole control, direction, and responsibility.  

Therefore, the Customer is responsible for the implementation of all useful procedures and measures intended to protect its User Workstations, its hardware, software packages, software, passwords, in particular against any virus and intrusions; the respect of the last updated version of the Technical Requirements in order to avoid harmful consequences such as slowing down, blocking, alterations of the data; the choice of the access provider or the telecommunication support, the Customer having to take care of the administrative requests and to contract the necessary subscriptions for which he will bear the cost; the designation, among his staff, of a privileged contact of Sir Full Service acting as administrator, for the Customer, of the Service and in particular for what concerns the security aspects; the use of the identifiers and the access codes which are given to him by Sir Full Service at the time of the execution of the Service.  

Each User will keep secret the password associated to his/her Sir Full Service account and will make sure that no other person has it. 

Sir Full Service will not be held responsible for the nature, the content of the Customer’s information or data and the exploitation thereof.  Likewise, Sir Full Service will not be held responsible for the quality and electronic transmission of the data when they are transmitted through the telecommunication networks and more generally for the quality and reliability of the telecommunication links between the User Workstations and the Service access point. 

Sir Full Service will not be responsible for the Internet network failures, for the technical hazards inherent to the Internet or for the access interruptions. Therefore, Sir Full Service will not be responsible for any unavailability or slowdown of the Service that may result from it. 

The following are excluded from the Service: works and interventions concerning the installation and proper functioning of the User Workstation and the Customer’s infrastructure (telecommunications, networks, security equipment) allowing the Customer to access and use the Service; the resolution of problems caused by an error or mishandling of the Users. 

2.3. Limitations of the Service

Sir Full Service does not guarantee the ability of the Service to achieve the objectives or results that the Customer has set for itself and/or to carry out specific tasks that motivated the Customer’s decision to enter into this Agreement. 

3. Customer data

Sir Full Service has chosen MICROSOFT for the management and security of its data. 

Microsoft is the first international Cloud Computing provider to have fully integrated the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses into its services and guarantees the conditions of international data transfers. 

By becoming a SIR FULL SERVICE customer, the Customer delegates the protection of his data to Microsoft, within its AZURE Cloud. The Microsoft AZURE Cloud is certified ISO 27001. This international standard for information security management systems is one of the most demanding security standards in the world. 

Customer data is stored in Microsoft data centers located in Europe. 

Sir Full Service exercises proactive monitoring to identify any potential threat of unknown origin. To do so, Sir Full Service maintains various active monitoring mechanisms for malicious behavior and abnormal events that may represent a threat. 

Sir Full Service guarantees the encryption of the transport of all the Customer’s data. 

A dedicated storage space is available for each client and is limited to 350GB with an annual cost of €500 excluding taxes for each additional 350GB. Please contact the support or the DAT (Technical Architecture Document) of SIR FULL to know more about the types of files allowed in this storage. 

4. Backups

A full backup of all the Customer data is made every night. 

Sir Full Service keeps at least 3 full backups of the Customer’s data, in a rolling fashion (the most recent one replaces the oldest one etc.) 

4.1. Data redundancy

A data redundancy on another geographical site proposed by Microsoft is possible as an option. 

4.2. Non-use of customer data

Sir Full Service shall not use, modify, assign or transfer to a third party, in whole or in part, for a fee or free of charge, the Customer Data, unless expressly authorized by the Customer. 

4.3. Use of statistical information

As an exception to the previous article, Sir Full Service’s commitment not to use Customer Data will not concern the operations necessary for Sir Full Service to establish its own statistics necessary for the operational maintenance of its Service(s). 

Likewise, Sir Full Service may compile aggregated and anonymized statistical information and may make it public if it does not reveal any confidential information of the Customer and if it does not include any directly or indirectly personal data. Sir Full Service keeps all intellectual property rights on the results of these statistical treatments. 

4.4. Declarations related to customer data

It is reminded that according to the French law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, called “Informatique et libertés” and its modifications, in particular by the RGPD Law, Sir Full Service acts as a subcontractor, on the Client’s instructions, who is qualified as the person in charge of the processing of Personal Data implemented by its users thanks to Sir Full Service’s Application Service. 

Consequently, the Customer is informed that it is his sole responsibility to proceed, under his own responsibility, to the steps, declarations, requests for authorization provided for by the laws and regulations in force concerning any processing he carries out and data he processes from the Service. 

SIR FULL SERVICE ensures the segregation of its clients’ data by providing a dedicated storage space for each client.  

5. Security of the service

5.1. Security management

The access to the production data is limited to a limited number of Sir Full Service specialists in charge of the maintenance operations and the operational maintenance of the Service. The Sir Full Service staff working on the production servers is informed of the confidentiality of the Customer’s data. 

As soon as it is aware of it, each Party will report to the other Party any fact that could constitute a breach of the physical or logical security of the other Party’s environment (e.g., intrusion attempt). 

5.2. Data protection

To guarantee the integrity, security and confidentiality of the data in transit between the User’s Workstation and the Service access point, all connections are encrypted and secured so that no information is transmitted unencrypted over the network. 

Data flows, which use unsecured telecommunications networks, use recognized and encrypted security protocols: HTTPS protocol (based on SSL/TLS Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) for browsing, Claim-Based Federation of Services authentication via SAML and Kerberos security tokens, File Transfer via FTP protocol. 

5.3. Security standard applications services

Sir Full Service will implement the necessary measures to allow access to the Service only to persons authorized by Sir Full Service and only to persons authorized by the Customer. 

5.4. Customer data security

Sir Full Service commits itself to take all necessary precautions in accordance with the state of the art to preserve the security of the Customer Data so that they are not, by its own doing, distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties. 

Therefore, Sir Full Service commits itself to respect and make its staff respect the following obligations: 

Not to make copies of the documents and media of the Customer Data entrusted to it, except those strictly necessary for the execution of the Service. 

Not to use the Customer Data for any purpose other than the purposes of this Agreement. 

Not to disclose the Client Data to other persons, whether private or public, physical or moral, except if such disclosure is required by law or by a competent judicial or administrative authority or is necessary in the context of a legal action. 

SIR FULL SERVICE guarantees the compartmentalization of its clients’ data by implementing a dedicated storage space for each Client.  

5.5. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

SIR FULL SERVICE does not directly collect any data related to the categories of personal data concerned by the GDPR. SIR FULL SERVICE does not use or manipulate any of its clients’ data, either for information or commercial purposes. Indeed, SIR FULL SERVICE being an entity with less than 250 employees, it does not carry out any processing: 

  • That may involve a risk for the rights and freedoms of the persons concerned,
  • If it is not occasional,
  • If it concerns sensitive data. 

Nevertheless, to ensure compliance with the best practices in terms of respect for the GDPR, SIR FULL SERVICE has: 

  • A data protection officer (DPO) appointed with the CNIL,
  • An internal and dynamic process allowing the maintenance of compliance with the best practices in the matter
  • A register of processing and processing sheets. 

5.6. Duration of the service

Unless otherwise agreed, the Service is concluded for a minimum period of 12 months of invoicing of the subscription. 

It will then be renewed by tacit agreement according to the initial duration of the contract. An invoice corresponding to the amount of the subscriptions for the year N is thus sent 3 months before the expiration date of the contract. 

The Party that decides not to renew the Service must notify the other Party of this decision by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt three (3) months before the end of the current period. 

Activation of an additional optional Service during the term of the Service will not change the term of the Service as specified above. The anniversary date for renewal of any additional services will be aligned with the anniversary date of the Service. The first year will be billed on a pro-rata basis for the time remaining until the next anniversary date. 

5.7. Recovery and return of data

Upon expiration of the Service and/or termination of the Agreement, access to the Service is closed on the last day of the Service or the day of termination of the Agreement. 

Therefore, the Customer must have, before this expiration date, recovered the Customer Data accessible through the Service features or have asked Sir Full Service to return a copy of the last backup of the Customer Data. 

Unless otherwise agreed, this restitution will be made in a standard market format chosen by Sir Full Service and will be made available to the Customer in the form of a download or, if the volume is too large, by sending an external support, as part of a service that can be invoiced within the limit of the cost of the external support and its secure sending. 

Unless otherwise agreed, from the sixtieth (60th) day after the expiration of the Service or the termination of the Contract, the destruction process of the Customer Data will be initiated. This destruction process will be carried out on the production data as well as on the saved data. 

6. Financial and general provisions

6.1. Prices and payment terms

The prices of the subscribed services or the ordered services are in Euros excluding taxes. 

Our invoices are payable within 30 days net. 

6.2. Billin of subscriptions and payment of activation fees

Subscriptions will be invoiced at the opening of access to the application and the creation of the platform. 

As an exception, for online orders, for first time customers, Sir Full Service invoices related to the activation will be paid by the customer in cash without discount by credit card or bank transfer. 

6.3. Billing and payment of additional services

The invoicing of an additional service will be staggered according to the progress of the service. The staggering will be agreed with the customer at the latest when the work is launched. 

A deposit of 30% to 50% may be requested and will be indicated on the offer. 

6.4. Due date and costs

After the due date, a penalty for late payment calculated based on an interest rate set at three times the legal interest rate will be payable by Sir Full Service without any reminder. 

Pursuant to article L 441-6 I of the French Commercial Code, the Customer will also be liable to pay a fixed indemnity of forty (40) euros (€) per unpaid invoice for the collection costs incurred by Sir Full Service. If necessary, when these expenses exceed the amount of this indemnity, Sir Full Service may claim from the Client an additional indemnity, upon presentation of the supporting documents specifying the diligence accomplished. These indemnities will not be applied in the cases where the Customer justifies that he is undergoing a judicial recovery or liquidation procedure. 

6.5. Suspension of services

The renewal invoice is issued 90 days before the due date. 

If the due date of the Services subscription is reached and the invoice is not paid, Sir Full Service will deactivate the customer’s access to the Service. 

In case of non-payment 30 calendar days after the service has been interrupted, the accounts will be closed, and the data deleted according to the regulations in force. The customer can request a backup of his data before this deadline. 

A reinstatement is charged at €2,500. 

6.6. Price revision

All prices of the Contract may be revised once a year by Sir Full Service within the limit of the SYNTEC index with a minimum of 1%. The reference index used for this indexation will be the index of the month known on the day of the revision by comparison with the index of the same month of the previous year. 

An increase in MICROSOFT’s prices of more than 3% may also be passed on to the customer. 

6.7. Cooperation

The proper execution of the Agreement and the smooth running of the Service require a loyal, active and permanent collaboration between the Parties, which is one of the priorities of Sir Full Service and its quality charter. 

Therefore, each of the Parties commits to: 

Be actively involved in the execution of its obligations, 

Refrain from any behavior that could affect and/or hinder the performance of the other Party’s obligations, 

To provide each other within a sufficient period, compatible with the proper observance of the deadlines agreed between the Parties, with all information and documents necessary for the performance of the Contract. 

The maximum time limit is 5 days, beyond which additional days will be charged. 

6.8. Third party collaboration

In the case of an interface with a third-party product, the customer will have to make sure that his service provider responds within 5 days to Sir Full Service SAS requests. 

In case of non-response beyond this period, Sir Full Service SAS will charge an additional fee corresponding to the loss of time of successive reminders. The fixed price is 5 days at the current rate. 

7. Cancellation

7.1. Termination for default

The Customer may request, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the termination of this Agreement in case of non-compliance by Sir Full Service, for three consecutive months of the availability rate of the Service indicated in the order. 

The termination of the present Contract will take effect three (3) months after the receipt of the letter by Sir Full Service, unless the latter justifies the appropriate remedies brought or to be brought to eliminate the observed breach. 


Sir Full Service may request, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, the termination of this Agreement in case of breach of the Client’s obligations, without prejudice to any damages. 

The termination of this Agreement shall take effect three (3) months after receipt of the letter by the Customer, unless the Customer can justify the appropriate remedies taken or to be taken to eliminate the breach. 

7.2. Termination of services on expiry

3 months before the end of the contract, the Customer may terminate the Service by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. 

The data will be kept as indicated in article 4. 

8. Responsabilities

Considering the state of the art in its profession, Sir Full Service, which commits itself to take all possible care in the execution of its obligations, is subject to an obligation of means. 

Sir Full Service will be responsible only for direct and foreseeable damage resulting from a breach of its contractual obligations. If Sir Full Service is held liable, the global and cumulated indemnity to which the Customer could be entitled, for all causes, will be limited to the amount invoiced to the Customer by Sir Full Service during the last twelve (12) months preceding the event causing the liability of Sir Full Service. 

In no case, Sir Full Service shall be held responsible towards the Client or towards third parties, for any unforeseeable damage or for any indirect damage, whether material or immaterial, such as operating loss, loss of profit or image or any other financial loss resulting from the use or the impossibility to use the Service by the Client as well as any loss or deterioration of information for which Sir Full Service cannot be held responsible. Any damage suffered by a third party is indirect damage and does not give rise to compensation. 

The Parties acknowledge that the Contract price reflects the allocation of risks arising from the Contract, as well as the economic balance intended by the Parties, and that the Contract would not have been concluded under these conditions without the limitations of liability defined herein. 

8.1. Fight against fraud

The Customer warrants that he/she will use the Services provided by Sir Full Service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

8.2. Force majeure

Neither Party shall be held responsible for any breach of its contractual obligations if it has been prevented from fulfilling its obligation by an event of force majeure as defined in article 1218 of the Civil Code. 

It is expressly agreed between the parties that force majeure events are the malfunctioning of telecom operators and telecommunications when these malfunctions do not originate from the technical means implemented by Sir Full Service. 

In this case, the Party invoking force majeure will notify the other Party, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, as soon as possible, of the occurrence of such an event and the necessary extension of the deadlines for the performance of its obligations. If the impediment is temporary, the performance of the obligation shall be suspended until the Party invoking the force majeure is no longer prevented by the force majeure event. The Party invoking force majeure shall keep the other Party informed and shall use its best efforts to limit the duration of the suspension. If the suspension continues beyond a period of three (3) months, either Party shall have the option of terminating the Contract without compensation by notifying the other Party of its decision by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. 

If the impediment is definitive, the Contract shall be terminated by operation of law and the Parties shall be released from their obligations under the conditions provided for in Articles 1351 and 1351-1 of the Civil Code. 

8.3. Confidentiality

All information, data (including Customer Data), deliverables and/or know-how, whether or not covered by intellectual property laws, regardless of their form and nature (commercial, industrial, technical, financial, etc.), exchanged between the Parties or of which they may become aware during the performance of the Contract shall be considered confidential (hereinafter the “Confidential Information”). 

Each of the Parties undertakes to use the Confidential Information only in the context of the performance of this Agreement, to protect the Confidential Information and not to disclose it to third parties other than its employees, collaborators, subsidiaries and subcontractors who need to know it for the performance of the Agreement without the prior written authorization of the other Party.  

The Parties undertake to take all necessary measures to ensure that their employees, collaborators, subsidiaries and subcontractors having access to the Confidential Information are informed of the confidential nature of the information communicated and comply with the obligations arising from this clause. 

This obligation of confidentiality shall continue for 10 years after the end of the contract. 

Each Party shall be released from its obligations of confidentiality with respect to all information (i) which was in the possession of that Party prior to its disclosure by the other Party without such possession resulting directly or indirectly from the unauthorized disclosure of such information by a third party (ii) which is in the public domain on the date of acceptance of the Agreement or which would fall into the public domain after that date through no fault of that Party’s breach of its confidentiality obligations under the Agreement, (iii) which was independently developed by that Party, or (iv) the disclosure of which is required by law or by a competent judicial or administrative authority or is necessary to defend the interests of either Party in a legal proceeding. 

9. Miscellaneous provisions

The fact that one of the Parties does not take advantage of any of the obligations mentioned in the Contract shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the obligation in question. 

The Customer accepts that Sir Full Service may, freely and without prior formality, subcontract all or part of its obligations under this Agreement, under its responsibility. In case of subcontracting, Sir Full Service will remain solely responsible for the proper fulfillment of the obligations under the Agreement. 

The Agreement shall prevail over any other document, including any general terms and conditions of purchase of the Customer. Unless expressly stipulated, the terms and conditions and obligations of this document shall prevail over any other. 

If any provision of the Agreement is held invalid or declared invalid by law or by a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. 

Sir Full Service will be free to use the know-how acquired during the execution of the Contract and to perform similar services for other Clients. 

Sir Full Service reserves the right to charge the Client for the time spent in the investigation of the causes of incidents when the incident encountered by the Client does not originate from a Service, a provision or a supply of Sir Full Service under the present Agreement. 

Sir Full Service and the Customer declare that the information provided and used by Sir Full Service is authentic between them until proven otherwise. 

Sir Full Service undertakes to maintain professional liability insurance covering any damage that may occur during the performance of the Service. 

The Parties have assessed the risks related to the execution of the Contract, which they accept and assume, and consequently renounce to renegotiate the terms under any circumstances. It is therefore expressly agreed between the Parties that the application of Article 1195 of the Civil Code is excluded.  

10. Customer assistance

A customer assistance service is provided by telephone from Monday to Friday: from 9:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00. 

11. Law and juridiction



The Contract is subject to French law. If the Contract is drafted in several languages or translated, only the French version shall be deemed authentic.