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Subsidiary of the Italian oil group Eni SpA, specialized in chemicals, since 2012.

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The inspection solution is essential.

The company

VERSALIS is a subsidiary of the Italian oil group ENI, which specialises in chemicals, particularly heavy chemicals and petrochemicals. The company is based in Dunkirk in northern France. This site produces Naphthol and Ethanol, two elements that are the basis of many plastic compounds.

Other factories are located around Europe. They are mainly in Germany and Italy, the country of its headquarters.

The benefits

Linspec responded and was able to adapt to the evolving requirements and regulations through specific and generic developments. This software has been designed with a genuine understanding of the end-user's needs, not just by a team of IT professionals.

SIRFULL's inspection solution allows operations to continue: No Linspec, no Inspection service. When Linspec is out of service, inspectors are unable to work. Linspec is therefore indispensable!

The inspector in charge of criticality

Key users and functions

About a hundred people are using the software, in different ways:

  • 1 senior administrator
  • 2 directors
  • About 20 reading and writing inspectors
  • The rest of the users in read-only; use as a database of equipment, see the deadlines, plans, manage the actions of recommendations that are sent to maintenance teams, etc..

“The functions I use the most, being in charge of criticality, are inspection plans and criticality studies. In addition, the inspectors make a lot of use of the schedule and recommendations functions.”

The inspector in charge of criticality at the VERSALIS site in Dunkirk