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Since August, we’ve had a major addition to our team: Pierre GIRARD as an inspection expert. His arrival embodies SIRFULL’s ongoing commitment to bringing together the best talent in the industry to deliver cutting-edge business solutions to our customers.

Pierre has 24 years’ experience on a SEVESO high-threshold chemical site. 14 of them were at the SIR as pressure inspectors (UIC2).

He brings his experience and knowledge of industrial inspection procedures, regulations and best practices. This is as true for SIRFULL as it is for its customers. It contributes to the development of new functions, technological innovations and even more powerful business solutions.


The arrival of our new industry expert coincides with the development of new integrated or future functionalities in Linspec Cloud, our SaaS solution for managing your industrial inspections. Artificial intelligence and data analysis will complement the existing modules. This will make inspectors’ work easier and safer. This will make it possible to plan, monitor and analyze inspection actions more quickly and accurately than ever before.

The use of artificial intelligence in inspection guarantees more precise and relevant controls. Efficient analysis of inspection reports and rigorous monitoring of critical points create a future where innovation in industrial inspection is constantly pushed to the next level. By adapting Linspec Cloud to the needs of various industrial sites, SIRFULL enhances safety by enabling users to monitor the status of their equipment in real time, thanks to fully modular software.