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In an increasingly automated world, industry is turning to emerging technologies to optimize its operations. Recently, an innovative project was entrusted to a group of students, aimed at applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the safety of industrial equipment. This project is part of the Autumn School organized by Alsace Tech, a network of 14 Alsatian engineering and management schools.

Autumn School: 3 days to respond to a business project

For 3 days, students in the field of AI challenged each other to put their theoretical knowledge into practice on topics proposed by the companies participating in the project: Alcatel-Lucent, Schmidt groupe, Sew Usocome and Würth France and SIRFULL.

The aim of this Autumn School:

  • Advancing AI-related projects
  • Gain a fresh perspective on real-life issues
  • Network with AI students and experts

SIRFULL asked students to look at the challenge of industrial equipment safety, and in particular, how to predict its deterioration. This week’s event opened up new prospects for improving knowledge of industrial equipment through artificial intelligence.

autumn school SIRFULL
SIRFULL - Analysis of Inspection Observations with the IA

Analysis of Inspection Observations with the IA to classify them according to their urgency and seriousness

The power of AI in innovation

As an industry software publisher, it’s imperative to maintain a constant commitment to innovation. R&D plays a central role at SIRFULL. It enables us not only to solve immediate technical challenges, but also to anticipate the industry’s future needs.

This project is a perfect example of the power of collaboration between industry and education. The aim is twofold: to give students the opportunity to work on concrete projects, and to enable SIRFULL to explore new avenues in AI. This symbiosis between academia and industry is an essential driver of technological progress and a powerful catalyst for innovation.

Many thanks to Alsace Tech and the students for their commitment!