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Sustainable development has been one of the main drivers of economic growth for several years now.

Companies have realised the benefits of sustainable development. The benefits include reduced costs, new jobs and a better brand image.

Sustainable development is a global approach that aims to ensure long-term economic, social and environmental viability.

Long regarded as a luxury reserved for major groups, sustainable development, CSR and ESG issues are gaining ground in all companies worldwide.

The COVID pandemic had a negative impact on sustainable development, as the impact of the virus on the company had to be managed as a matter of urgency.

In addition, some industries have been forced to resort to unsustainable practices. These include an increase in product deliveries and the use of plastic packaging.

SIRFULL - The benefits of sustainable development

It has also had a positive impact, specifically in terms of reducing greenhouse gases. This is due to the reduction in business travel and transport as a result of teleworking.

This health crisis has given many people and organisations the opportunity to place sustainable development at the heart of their daily concerns.

Indeed, the change in behaviour brought about by this crisis has led to greater awareness. And this on the fragility of the planet and the many climate disruptions.

There is an urgent need for action at all levels, especially at company level.

What’s more, a CSR project leads to profitability in terms of avoided costs, productivity gains and even direct income, through reductions in waste, recycling, reuse, compensation, etc. And employee motivation.

Launching CSR policies is now much easier. Thanks in particular to the excellent online courses offered by Bpifrance Université and the Institut du Numérique Responsable.

Many consultants can also help you with these issues.

In conclusion, sustainable development offers many advantages for companies of all sizes. SIRFULL is committed to a policy of genuine and sustainable corporate social responsibility, and to a Responsible Digital Label.