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A certification delivered by LUCIE

What is responsible digital?

Digital responsibility is a major challenge for our society. LUCIE has therefore developed an adapted certification, Responsible Digital, to support organizations in the implementation of responsible digital practices and processes.

This certification, which is French in origin but international in scope, is based on online training courses, including a free MOOC to start with, and includes a self-assessment as well as external audits, a guarantee of seriousness and independence.

SIRFULL - Responsible digital certification

The certification issued by LUCIE

This certification, delivered by LUCIE, is a certification on the mastery of the digital impact of companies and organizations.

Thus it aims at a reduction of energy consumption, at a reuse or repair or recycling of computer equipment, at the eco-design of useful, usable and used software, at an integration, an inclusion of the end user, at an eco-design of software, at more social equality, at a mix in the governance, at preferential choices of partners and sustainable products…

It is a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism for organizations that wish to implement responsible digital practices to ensure the protection of their employees, their customers and their data.

The benefits of responsible digital certification

It allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to data protection and privacy, and more generally to the environment.

It is an awareness tool to inform and train employees on good digital practices. It is also a way to increase profitability due to energy savings in data storage in data centers, product efficiency, etc.

Finally, it offers official recognition to companies that respect high standards of social, societal and environmental responsibility in their digital practices. It is a community of responsible businesses and organizations working together.

SIRFULL is committed to a sustainable approach of Responsible Digital Certification with LUCIE, in order to preserve all its stakeholders and its environment.