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SIRFULL with Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the welding industry and welding quality in particular.

In central Alsace, near Strasbourg, SIRFULL is building the welding quality of tomorrow: Welding Cloud, a SaaS application based on the SIRFULL Core framework. This technology, conceived and designed by SIRFULL, will enable the integration of complex mathematical calculations and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

SIRFULL - Artificial intelligence for the welding industry

Uniform welds of consistent quality

One of the challenges facing industrial sites is to ensure consistent, uniform quality of welds on their equipment.

The welding process is sometimes difficult to carry out due to factors such as :

  • The difficulty of welded joint shapes,
  • Mastering the welding process,
  • Variation in environmental conditions (heat, atmosphere, wind, etc.)
  • Variability of materials to be assembled,
  • Welder fatigue (welding is an art: difficult, arduous, technical and tiring).

The AI systems thus created will enable :

  • Control welding processes in real time,
  • Check weld quality, detecting defects and automatically adjusting welding parameters to maintain uniform, consistent quality,
  • Anticipate defects before they occur, minimizing rework and costs, based on feedback from the entire SIRFULL customer community.

The algorithm can learn from data on completed welds, identifying the key factors influencing weld quality. Using this data, they will be able to propose the most appropriate welding procedures to meet manufacturing and operating requirements.

Numerous advantages in using Artificial Intelligence for the welding industry

In addition to reducing defect rates and rework costs, AI can also help reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and increase overall productivity. All software created by SIRFULL, such as Welding Cloud, will benefit from this technological advance.

However, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the welding industry is not yet widespread, and challenges remain in terms of system complexity and the interoperability of existing equipment (workstations, robots, etc.).

Despite these challenges, SIRFULL is poised to revolutionize the welding industry to meet the growing need for quality – and therefore sustainability – productivity and efficiency.

In partnership with a number of laboratories in the Grand Est region, SIRFULL will create an ecosystem in 2024 that will enhance industry through welding, inspection and maintenance.

With tangible benefits such as defect reduction, quality improvement and cost reduction, SIRFULL, together with AI, will transform the welding industry and the monitoring of industrial equipment.