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Specialized in cold-forming tubes since 1967

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Who is Proform?

Since 1967, in the southwest of Lyon, PROFORM has specialized in the cold forming of tubes, and in particular the bending of all types of stainless steel and nickel alloys. An SME on a human scale, the company boasts recognized expertise and qualified, enthusiastic staff.

PROFORM in figures:

  • 50 years’ experience in complex cold forming
  • More than 200 employees dedicated to customer satisfaction
  • A network of distributors in over 40 countries on 5 continents

What was their challenge?

PROFORM uses a wide range of tools and software to produce its manufacturer’s files, and wanted a solution that would centralize information on its welding activities and make it easier to generate the associated documents.

The aim was twofold: to find a flexible solution that met the normative requirements of the aeronautics sector, and to enable the dozen or so welders working in the workshop to easily consult dematerialized documents.

How did they start using Welding Cloud?

After a day’s training with the SIRFULL teams, the integration of PROFORM data into Welding Cloud was able to be carried out step by step. Customer specifications, welding engineer requirements and welder qualifications have been implemented in the software and can now be consulted by the welding team.

Welders can easily consult manufacturing specifications (types of welds, materials, welding processes, etc.), even in the absence of the welding engineer.

“The learning curve was very quick.”

Damien GOUTAGNYWelding engineer in charge of quality control

The benefits

Data centralization

Welding Cloud software has enabled PROFORM to evolve in the way they produce files, particularly manufacturing files.

With the centralization of information and automatic generation of documents such as the welding book and the end-of-manufacture file, PROFORM has been able to structure its documentation even further.

“Compiling files from multiple programs was complicated and time-consuming. This was a source of errors. With Welding Cloud, 98% of the manufacturing file is good as soon as it’s generated.”

Team collaboration

“The information entered in Welding Cloud can be reused by my colleagues, with no risk of errors. All the information is summarized and centralized in the software, which saves us time and reliability”, testifies Mr. GOUTAGNY. The method for managing welder qualifications has been improved, enabling them to be monitored more effectively. Keeping track of qualification deadlines, as well as identifying the most qualified welder to carry out a given type of welding, are all tasks that can be carried out more easily. What’s more, the software’s alert system makes it impossible to forget to renew qualifications.

The figures speak for themselves: “It used to take me a whole day to complete 6 manufacturing files, but with Welding Cloud, it now only takes me 2 hours“.

A successful adoption

PROFORM has successfully met the challenge of digitizing and centralizing its weld tracking system. The adoption of Welding Cloud has enabled every party involved in the welding process to share their knowledge. Saving time, minimizing the risk of errors, document reliability… the solution has been successfully adopted!

In a field such as aerospace, where few generic standards exist and each customer has its own standard, the flexibility offered by the Welding Cloud environment made it easy to meet PROFORM’s needs. We’re delighted to have been able to support the PROFORM teams.

“My only dissatisfaction is that I don’t use Welding Cloud as much as I’d like”, Damien GOUTAGNY.