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Ferguson-based multinational providing a wide range of engineering services.

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Emerson Process Management, a manufacturer of highly technical control valves for the nuclear, oil and petrochemical industries, has equipped itself with the WELDING Cloud solution to digitize its welding business and boost competitiveness.

Return on investment and profits

  • Over 50% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks: teams can now focus on higher value-added tasks (verification, empowerment, autonomy and engineering).
  • Efficiency gains of 30 to 75% depending on the workstation
  • Autonomy of welders in the workshop for operating procedures and conformity of their production.
  • No remarks or corrective measures raised during audits: in 2014, 12 audits were carried out by welding specialists (ISO 9001, ISO 3834, ASME, EDF, 2 Chinese customers, UTO, CNEPE….) No remarks were raised at welding level and the application was perceived as a plus.
  • Process evolution and structuring: before Welding Cloud, management was spread across several applications. SIRFULL’s solution provides optimum organization, empowers teams and integrates controls to prevent non-conformance.
SIRFULL - testimonial Emerson

“We really appreciated the responsiveness of the solution’s upgrades, as well as the flexibility offered by the parameterization. WELDING Cloud proved to be well suited to working with both French and international building codes, in a multi-code, multi-standard approach.”

Mikael CLERMIDY, Manufacturing Engineer at Emerson Process Management.