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The RBI methodology is not defined by a single text, but by a set of texts, each adapted to the type of equipment concerned.

SIRFULL - RBI methodology application

Which texts should we refer to?

In English-speaking countries, APIs (American Petroleum Institute) are preferred, but they can be used in France:

  • API 580 Risk-based Inspection
  • API 581 Risk-based inspection technology

The types of equipment concerned are :

  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers (shell and components side, pressure limit tube side)
  • Heat exchanger boxes and bundles
  • Hoses and Tubes
  • Atmospheric storage tank shell and bottom sheets
  • Compressors (Pressure limit only)
  • Pumps (Pressure limit only)
  • Pressure relief devices (including equipment protection)

In France, we will also give preference to recognized professional guides.

The reference texts for equipment under pressure or in voluntary follow-up are :

API 580 & 581 can also be used.

We can also combine two methodologies. This criticality is expressed by a “Probability-Consequence” matrix, described in the UFIP/UIC DT84 Guide for the general fields, and API 581 for the details on the criteria to be retained.

The reference texts for cylindrical aboveground storage tanks are :

  • EEMUA 159 (Engineering Equiment and Materials User Association) “Users’ Guide to the Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Above Ground Vertical Cylindrical Steel Storage Tanks”
  • API 580 & 581
  • Professional Guides DT 32 and DT 84, which can be used by Recognized Inspection Services (RIS)

Note: The repositories used as a basis for the RBI methodology will have to be available at the industrial site concerned.