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A breakthrough innovation based on the experience of inspectors from the most secure sites

Linspec software, leader in SEVESO sites for more than 25 years, is undergoing a revolution thanks to the latest dynamic computing technologies and has become Linspec Cloud.

Its credo: to best meet the needs of all industrial sites and equipment and to provide its users with the benefit of its 25 years of experience acquired on Linspec. All this to improve the safety of industrial sites.

Using the knowledge of our major customers, especially SEVESO sites managing millions of equipments, we have designed a software adapted to the inspection of all industrial sites allowing to follow in real time the state of the equipments.

Multi-site or single-site, Linspec Cloud is totally modular. You only take what you use!

SIRFULL - Linspec industrial site safety

Business Intelligence at the heart of our solution

Artificial intelligence will be implemented very quickly in order to provide you with an assistant for the inspection of your REX and to ensure that you have perfect control over your schedules, all in order to avoid errors.

Thanks to the Business Intelligence integrated in the software, you will be able to, in real time, from your dashboards:

  • Follow your inspection plans or controls
  • Manage your inspection actions during shutdowns
  • Monitor your subcontractors
  • Identify your equipment at risk
  • Have your DREAL or insurance monitoring reports.

Linspec Cloud, an effective tool for optimizing your inspection programs:

  • Inventory of assets according to the regulatory classification or according to your constraints
  • Management of isodegradation / corrosion loops
  • Planning of interventions on equipment
  • Setting up your schedules (periodic or not, with inspection history)
  • Follow-up of control points on assets
  • Calculation of the equipment lifetime thanks to advanced algorithms
  • Equipment risk assessment using RBI methodology

Linspec Cloud facilitates the monitoring of your industrial equipment for optimized security !