Manage the maintenance strategies of all your sites.

PowerMaint Cloud allows you to:

  • Identify failures in all types of equipment,
  • Optimize your overall maintenance strategy,
  • Manage your business and regulatory repositories in force.

The benefits

  1. To reinforce the regulatory monitoring of your equipment,
  2. Improve equipment reliability,
  3. Reduce re-engineering costs,
  4. Save time in creating maintenance plans,
  5. Centralize the data related to the equipment.


Import & structuring

Import your data and manage your business and regulatory repositories independently.

  • Easily migrate, structure, and cleanse data.

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Globally apply your new group standards and easily standardize your maintenance best practices:

  • Use the common/collaborative platform including all the business repositories and regulations.

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Analyze the impact of your new maintenance strategy (costs, resources, spare parts, risks, safety) to define and optimize the best strategy:

  • Compare two maintenance strategies (types of maintenance, levels, operations, disciplines and periodicity).

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Create your maintenance plans and procedures and automate their updates across your sites.

  • Create and optimize maintenance strategies.

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PowerMaint Cloud, a complete solution!

Our maintenance solution allows you to manage and optimize your global maintenance strategy, according to your business references, your technical data and the regulatory references of your equipment.

PowerMaint Cloud allows you to obtain a global vision of the costs of maintenance actions and spare parts management thanks to the interfacing with your existing tools (ERP and CMMS in particular).