SIRFULL™ Maintenance is a complete solution dedicated to the implementation and the management of your global maintenance strategy, based on your engineering specifications, your technical data and regulatory standards.
SIRFULL™ Maintenance facilitates:
  • The identification of failures and the improvement of maintenance programs for all types of equipment, by planning the optimal frequencies of operations and associated disciplines
  • The deletion, extension or modification of intervention frequencies is an essential lever for the profitability and reliability of the equipment.
  • The demand analysis and spare parts inventory management.
  • The collection and processing of all data related to equipment in a unique system enabling the use of ROE and continuous improvement in the maintenance management of all operational sites.
  1. Ensure the respect for group recommendations and maintenance operation frequencies on every operational site
  2. Reduce the reengineering costs by continuous operational data analysis and benefit from ROE
  3. Avoid unscheduled equipment shutdowns and improve equipment reliability
  4. Major time saving in the creation/update of Maintenance Plans
Import & structuration
  • Import your data and manage your regulatory standards, engineering specifications and technical operational data with the «Master Data Management ™».
  • Global integration and implementation of your group standards
  • Analysis of the impact for the selected maintenance strategy (costs, resources, spare parts) in order to define and implement the most efficient one
  • Create your maintenance plans and procedures and automate their updates on all your sites.

Move from corrective or preventive maintenance to a more advanced and optimized approach that considers the actual state of each asset family and schedules the maintenance tasks to be performed.