A one of a kind inspection software

SIRFULL's Inspection software is a complete solution for the creation and management of your inspection policies: from its planning to the implementation of the different operations.
The inspection software enables you to:
  • Carry out criticality-based inspections (RBI)
  • Edit inspection plans based on the collected data, ensuring traceability of previous versions and managing the approval process
  • Manage failure modes and Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Ensure compliance with safety standards in use in each country, with the multi-country regulatory engine
Benefits of the inspection software
  1. Strength compliance with reinforced regulations
  2. Time-saving for inspection operations management
  3. Improves process plants safety
  4. Major time-saving on-field operations (using the offline mobile application)
Import your data and manage your regulatory standards, engineering specifications and technical operational data with SwiftData™.
  • Efficient data structuring, cleansing, and migration
  • Integration of engineering specifications, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards (by country)
  • Improvement of technical references
Prepare your inspections with uniform data and a set of dedicated tools:
  • Edit inspection plans based on the collected data, ensure traceability of previous versions and manage the approval process.
  • Assess the equipment’s criticality based on safety guidelines methods or customized surveys according to your particular requirements.
  • Define the control tasks to be performed and optimize their frequency in accordance with equipment criticality, their thickness measurements, and the expected operational life of your installations.
  • Prepare inspection plans and manage accessibility.
Perform field inspections and reports
  • Geolocate the positioning of your equipment, control points, and failures reported by NDT tools (scrapers, sensors, etc.)
  • Identify equipment that can potentially have the same causes of failure.
  • Run the field inspection reports with the mobile application, available in offline mode
  • Automatic suggestions for remedial actions for the maintenance department, thanks to SIRFULL™’s interface with your ERP/CMMS system.
Ensure the compliance of your facilities with the multi-country regulatory engine of SIRFULL™, no matter in which country you are located.
  • Find all the regulations regarding the equipment safety guidelines.
  • Implement the standards in use at national and international levels.
  • Automatically calculate regulatory categories based on the collected equipment specifications.
  • Easily demonstrate the compliance of your installations with the advanced visualization and reporting system (Business Intelligence) from SIRFULL™.

Go towards a most harmonized approach to inspection, enabling effective traceability and visualization of your equipment’s operational data.

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