Optimized management of industrial assets

Optimizing the reliability and availability of operational assets (such as industrial plants, equipment and infrastructure) is essential to the operation of an enterprise, in order to reduce unplanned repair work, improve asset availability and safety, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce the risk of failure for critical assets.
APM PowerMaint™

The SIRFULL solution Powermaint™ APM is an extremely innovative, scalable and customizable platform, integrating the main and fundamental steps of optimized management of industrial assets


  • Aggregating asset data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Creating an asset management strategy based on risk factors, criticality and predicted outcomes


Our APM platform PowerMaint™ uses data, integration, analytics and visualization to improve operations and maintenance scheduling and to identify which maintenance and inspection activities to perform on industrial assets.


Our digital solutions provide capabilities and functionality to support risk management, predictive maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance and financially optimized maintenance activities.


Asset-intensive organizations are seeking to break down business silos and regional barriers, reduce licensing carrying costs, and aid system optimization. We want to provide them a broad array of maintenance capabilities, skills, and tools to match the needs of different asset classes

The majority of digital solutions dedicated to the maintenance of industrial equipment focus mainly on the administration and organization of tasks and resources.


Our solution PowerMaint™ APM revolutionizes this idea and aims at operational excellence.


PowerMaint™ is an innovative solution for the industrial world, offering enormous potential for improving maintenance and inspection operations, reducing industrial and environmental risks, improving reliability, safety and thus ensuring the profitability of companies.

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