Jean-Claude LAMBOLEZ founded SIRFULL in 2011, after a lifelong career in the area of inspection, within the oil sector

With a strong background in large French companies such as Rhodia and after a course in management and start-up development at HEC Paris, Jean-Claude Lambolez founded SIRFULL to accompany the digital revolution, which industrial companies are eager to follow. He then became a business leader in the development of innovative asset management applications in the field of welding quality and the tracking of industrial assets.

Let's be eco-responsible

“Our planet needs energy to live, that’s why we have to be thrifty in the way we consume energy, in order to control our pollution.

All forms of energy must meet strict criteria in terms of safety and economics, our survival depends on it.
For a few years, the young company SIRFULL has presented products to the market that meet these requirements. Our experience in the field of maintenance and inspection is aimed to optimize your operations in these particular fields, whilst accounting for complete safety.

We must build reliable and safe maintenance, with reduced costs: it is a sine qua non condition to reduce our losses, our accidents, and the energy used. Let’s be eco-responsible, and let’s put digital technology to work for us while keeping control of our data.

Efficient maintenance leads to a considerable reduction in production costs: it allows for better optimization of equipment availability, as well as better inventory management. Optimized management of your data will enable you to have efficient feedback on your equipment in the future, thanks to AI.

Dare to have an exceptional operational practice.
Dare to trust young French and European digital companies like SIRFULL.
Dare to create the jobs we need.”


– Jean-Claude Lambolez

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