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The digital revolution is affecting the entire world, and more particularly that of large companies. Disposing of accurate data management software is thus becoming a challenge and must-have for IT departments. The multiplication of IT systems generates massive amounts of data that must be organized and structured in the simplest, most reliable, and most secure way possible, in order to use it within the company.

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The underestimated potential and prerequisite for successfully managing asset performance, and thus delivering efficient and optimized business management, lies in the data of every industry. It is no secret that intelligent data management is the key to operational excellence. Indeed, the more data an industry generates, the greater the result in terms of performance. Nevertheless, this statement is subject to your company having the right digital tool(s) to aggregate, analyze and create asset management strategies based on risk factors, criticality, and expected outcomes. Otherwise, your company could be generating huge amounts of data without knowing how to leverage it to improve internal processes.

Therefore, bad data in will lead to bad data out and it is with the goal of data consistency that SIRFULL has developed the Swift Data module, a data management software. To summarize, this module is designed to:

  • Integrate
  • Cleanse
  • Structure the data from various sources

in order to fill the Asset Structure module with all the information related to the equipment, their history, etc… with the main goal of generating a unique enterprise repository. In the end, this module will align the source data with what is expected in the target system in terms of structure, highlighting the anomalies detected and allowing the business user either to arbitrate on the corrections to be made or to let the system correct them automatically.

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