Cost optimization tool: For decision-making and maintenance strategy elaboration

True cost optimization tool thanks to maintenance strategy simulation

Depending on the objectives or KPIs set in the industries, in order to aim for maximum equipment reliability or to focus on equipment life, players are led to define various strategies that can quickly present very large differences in terms of required resources and costs. However, the most efficient maintenance strategy is not always synonymous with the most efficient use of resources. To address this issue, we have developed the MCS – Maintenance Cost Simulation module, in other words, a digital cost optimization tool.

This module is a real decision support tool, allowing site managers to make the right decisions regarding the maintenance strategies to be applied according to the set objectives. Each strategy rule is transcribed into the maintenance plan and is associated with an operation/task, a cost center, an intervention frequency, and even the spare parts to be supplied. Thus, the MCS module provides global visibility on the impact of the identified strategy in terms of resources required for each discipline, cost center, and the number of interventions. This analysis allows the decision to implement or not the strategy by displaying an estimate of the budget required for its execution. The MSC module, therefore, allows you to:

  • Assess the impact in terms of costs and resources of the chosen asset strategy
  • Compare different strategies and identify alternative scenarios
  • Rethink asset strategies instead of replacing assets: do more with less
  • Align the asset strategy with the company’s business objectives
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