SIRFULL launches its Responsible Digital Charter

Solutions Saas comme facteur de performance
Saas as a performance factor!
May 10, 2023
l'intelligence artificelle va révolutionner l'industrie du soudage
Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the welding industry
June 20, 2023

SIRFULL launches its Responsible Digital Charter in line with the company’s CSR policy.

No question of greenwashing but on the contrary, to put into practice concrete actions related to Responsible Digital, the reason of being of SIRFULL.

As a software editor for the digitalization of the industrial equipment lifecycle, SIRFULL contributes to the regulatory compliance of companies. SEVESO sites, although representing technological advances, present environmental and social risks related to the handling of hazardous products. SIRFULL offers solutions to prevent technical failures and human errors, thus limiting their negative impact on the environment.

Already involved in a CSR approach, SIRFULL had decided to move from custom software development, sometimes oversized, less secure and less scalable, to the Cloud mode, with scalable modules, more easily updated, usable and used, by all. Today, with the signature of its digital charter, SIRFULL continues its approach and is resolutely committed to a “Responsible Digital” approach.

The Digital Charter has 5 components:

  • Optimization of our digital tools to limit their impact and consumption
  • Development of accessible, inclusive and sustainable offers
  • Ethical and responsible digital practices
  • Make digital technology measurable, transparent and readable
  • Emergence of new behaviors and values

In addition, the charter ensures the respect of :

  • Societal valuesThe company’s strengths include: the hiring of women in an unfeminine environment, multicultural hiring, hiring of disabled people, juniors and seniors, well-being at work with numerous extra-professional activities offered, a strong increase in the skills of its employees as a result of its ever-developing R&D, a cross-functional collaborative mode with little hierarchy, and the autonomy and empowerment of employees
  • Ethical values: respect for the law and regulations, transparency in its management.
  • Environmental values: search for sustainability in consumption, economy in purchases, sobriety, recycling, participation in the solidarity economy…

Digital technology is a source of innovation and progress. It can be a great tool for creating new sustainable values, more respectful of the environment and more ethical towards society.