"This software is a must to our company"
The company

VERSALIS is a subsidiary of the Italian oil group ENI, specialized in heavy chemicals and petrochemicals. The company is located in Dunkirk, northern France, where the site produces Naphthol and Ethanol, two elements that form the basis of many plastic compounds. There are other plants in Europe, notably in Italy, where the company is headquartered, but also in Germany.

“Linspec (the software behind the current Inspection module of SIRFULL’s APM PowerMaint™ suite,) was our first inspection solution, which we have had since 2003, following changes in the requirements of the DREAL and their criticality policy (Decree of 15th March 2000). A more criticality-based management of assets created the need for a stable tool that was consistent with the existing one. Amongst the various software packages studied, Linspec was the most consistent one with regard to the specifications.

Méthodologie RBI

“SIRFULL’s software was a match and able to adapt to changing requirements and regulations through specific and generic developments. This software was designed with a real understanding of the end-user’s needs and not just by a team of IT specialists.


SIRFULL’s inspection solution keeps things running: Without the software, no inspection service would be possible since inspectors are unable to work. Thus, this software is a must for our company!”

Users & Key functionalities

About 100 people use the software, in different ways:

  • 1 main administrator (Mr. Duhamel)
  • 2 administrators
  • About 20 inspectors in reading and writing mode
  • The rest of the users in reading mode only: The software is used as a database of equipment, to check deadlines, consult and edit inspection plans, manage recommendation actions that are sent to the maintenance teams, etc.


“The functionalities I use the most, being in charge of the criticality, are inspection plans and criticality studies. In addition, the inspectors use the scheduling and recommendations functions a lot.”

 – The quotes are taken from an interview on 06/05/2021 with the  inspector in charge of asset criticality at the VERSALIS site in Dunkirk, Northern France  

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