Monitoring the pressure equipment of Storengy
(one of the world leaders in underground natural
gas storage) and Elengy (expert in liquefied natural gas)
is a challenging and complex task for the Recognised Inspection Service (SIR).

Thickness measurements are carried out every day on 4,000 pieces of equipment and in order
to meet high regulatory requirements, approximately 500 inspections are carried out each year.

Rationalize the inspection of pressure equipment

The central supervision of the Storengy and Elengy equipment fleet became necessary.

The solution SIRFULL™ Inspection, available on a mobile application in offline mode, is used by the Recognized Inspection Service (RIS) and enables supervision of 14 operational sites:

  • A unique tool that allows the assessment of field information and provides a centralized approach to the inspectors’ work.
  • Use of a mobile tool for field inspection data collection (observations, photos, thickness measurements, etc.).
  • Synchronised data and automatic generation of inspection reports.
  • Uniform and centralised data reflected in a geographical view of the collection network: all detected failures are registered and geolocalised, inspection schedules are easily traced, and all technical data are available for use via dashboards and other statistical analyses.

« The use of a customized solution enables us to adapt the solution to our specific requirements. In addition, the full compatibility with Microsoft office tools is an advantage. » says Caroline Bruggeman, Project Manager of ENGIE Expert Center.

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