AlsaChimie and ButaChimie share their satisfaction
and impressions of the SIRFULL inspection solution,
which they have been using for over 30 years.
The company

AlsaChimie is specialized in the manufacturing of Nylon Salt and some of the key components in the production of Nylon 6.6. The latter optimizes the functioning of car engines, makes vehicles lighter, strengthens and softens clothing, guarantees the correct functioning of airbags and circuit breakers, etc.

With 35% of the world’s Adiponitrile produced on the Chalampé site in Alsace, AlsaChimie, in joint venture with ButaChimie on this particular site, is a key player in the nylon chemistry. The company also operates the HMD (Hexamethylenediamine) activity at Chalampé and employs roughly 1000 people.

As a Seveso site (Directive 2012/18/EU), the site is strongly committed to ensuring the safety of people working on the platform and of local residents alike. To this end, the site deploys prevention and protection programs to ensure the safety of its manufacturing processes. Linspec, the inspection solution behind the PowerMaint™ APM Inspection module, therefore represents a key element for the site.

rbi methodology

The inspection solution was developed on and for the Chalampé site. The customization was made to meet the very specific needs of AlsaChimie and ButaChimie:

“We needed an IT solution for the regulatory monitoring and management of pressurized equipment. No other software was able to meet the needs as perfectly as this customized development.”

According to the site inspector, “[the Inspection module] is now an indispensable and essential tool for Chalampé’s site. Without this software, we would go back to working with a filing cabinet, which would require an army of assistants and the reliability of the data would be greatly affected.”

Users & Key functionalities

At Chalampé, the inspection software is used by about 100 people daily, including inspectors for reading and editing procedures, as well as maintenance operators and technicians for consulting and reading data.


“The functions we use the most are the inspection scheduling, the regulatory deadline tracking as well as the inspection plans”.

 – Quotes are taken from an interview dated 04/05/2021 with the inspector of the Chalampé production site (Alsace) –

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