Asset Structure
Central Asset Inventory of the APM PowerMaint™ platform

Generation of a common equipment repository and a customizable hierarchical asset inventory

The Asset Structure module is the heart of the PowerMaint™ software suite, as it is the main asset library.

With the help of this module, you can manage your assets either according to legal norms and standards (e.g. ISO 14224) or according to your company’s internal structure. This initial processing in standard or user-configured models then leads to the creation of the final asset inventory, which allows the visualization of your company’s numerous assets (including their location). In addition, all assets are classified according to a hierarchical structure (group, location, segment, system, and unit levels) that can be easily accessed within the asset library or business intelligence (BI).

The Asset Structure module is a fundamental part of the PowerMaint™ solution, as the user-specific personalization of the characteristics of each asset class allows you to use those very characteristics in terms of (maintenance) strategy, measurement points, and reporting functionalities within the APM PowerMaint™ platform. In detail, these characteristics are defined by a data format (text, list of options, numeric, date) and constraints (maximum character size, minimum, maximum, number of decimal places, mandatory/optional). Self-evidently, in the Maintenance and Inspection tab, you can view the characteristics for each asset (or class) in an individual form and make changes.

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