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SiRFULL - Asset Performance Management

Make the best decisions for your assets, value and optimize the profitability of your facilities during their life cycle.

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The era of Asset Performance Management

According to a study by LNS RESEARCH, the majority of industrial sites are stuck in reactive rather than proactive maintenance logic. These companies face increased unplanned downtime; which may cost millions in terms of lost production. Namely, insufficient management of equipment can represent up to 1.5% of the total turnover of the company (ARC Advisory Group study). Does your company fall into this category of business?

What is SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management?

Your Asset Performance Management system in the CLOUD

The role of SiRFULL is to provide an application package enabling any company with industrial installations to make the best decisions in order to increase the availability, the value and the profitability of their assets by evaluating their costs and risks and their performance throughout their assets’ life cycle.

SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management offers its methodology inspired by the ISO 55 000 (standard in asset management). It certifies the implementation of an effective Asset Management system.

SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management

For what and for whom?

SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management

Answers your critical questions

  • How to ensure the management of the assets during their entire life cycle ?
  • Who is the responsive of the asset management ?
  • What are the best possible inspection and maintenance investment ?
  • How can we improve our reability and profitability criteria’s ?
  • What are the best moments for shut-down ?
  • Is it necessary to extend the reamaining life of this asset ?
  • SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management

    For which sectors?

  • Energy (gas, water, nuclear, electricity)
  • Energy (gas, water, nuclear, electricity)
  • Transport (public transport, airport)
  • Infrastructure (road, structure, community)
  • Asset Management

    SiRFULL: Asset Performance Management  on plural technologies to monitor the exploitation of industrial equipment. Whether it is the realization of criticality studies, the extraction of data via sensors, or the predictive analysis of breakdowns, SiRFULL allows a complete management of your equipment.

    Downtime optimization

    SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management  offers an extensive application field allowing you to optimize downtimes and their organization. Plan interventions, anticipate costs, SiRFULL is the application dedicated to the efficiency of your installations.

    Supervision of the subcontractors

    The collaboration mode of SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management makes it possible to supervise all the stakeholders outside the company. The SiRFULL platform offers personalized access modes dedicated to external personnel such as subcontractors. Access and easy information flow is the guarantee of efficient and controlled interventions on your assets.

    Forecast Investment Scenarios

    SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management allows you to forecast the costs of your assets in advance. Estimate maintenance costs, make forecasts using effective forecast scenarios.

    Collaborative platform

    SIRFULL : Asset Performance Management makes it possible to work in a team and in a collaborative mode: content sharing and inter-team relations, attribution of limited use rights or work in multi-site mode.

    Mobile platform

    SiRFULL : Asset Performance Management proposes a mobile mode intended for the operational in the field: inspections, geolocation, photos, videos …
    The application allows you to centralize your field reports without re-entering, paper or connection thanks to the Offline mobile mode.

    Secure Cloud Environment

    SiRFULL puts a premium on data security. Whether through the robust storage of sensitive data provided by Microsoft Azure or the ability to assign different types of user restrictions, Sirfull makes every effort to use SiRFULL with confidence.


    SiRFULL to connect to one to most CMMS and ERP in order to collect the necessary data to optimize your asset management.

    SiRFULL & ISO 55 000

    Equipping his company with SiRFULL is part of an asset management and ISO 55 000 certification process. Published in 2014, it standardises the best practices and the managerial structure to set up an asset management system capable of extract value over the entire life cycle of assets. ISO 55

    SiRFULL technical specifications

    SiRFULL is fully configurable and enables customized solutions to be implemented.

  • A long-lasting, robust and scalable architecture built upon Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory.
  • The program allows comfortable data import from Excel.
  • A Web Services-oriented architecture technologies designed to integrate easily into the user’s working environment. It safeguards your investments!
  • A powerful automation platform for your processes which is able to achieve significant economies of scale at different levels of your organization.
  • WQS is available both in license solution or cloud solution (Microsoft AZURE)