What ENGIE do with our cloud-based industrial platform since 2016

21 June 2018

SiRFULL has deployed its cloud-based industrial asset management platform in several entities of the ENGIE group.

The SiRFULL platform is an application “Mashup” embodied in an Asset Performance Solution. The solution monitors process equipment throughout their lifecycle, and process their incoming data to optimize their overall effectiveness. Within the cloud, production operators, maintenance services, and managers are connected throughout assets and use SiRFULL applications (“asset” and “welding”) – or third app. – suited to their work.



STORENGY / ELENGY: the digital transition of SEVESO plants’ preventive maintenance with SiRFULL’s cloud industrial platform


With the primary goal of ensuring the digital transition of STORENGY’s forecast maintenance processes, SIRFULL has deployed its platform through all the company’s plants.


Today, STORENGY manages more than 4,000 pressurized equipments located in more than 14 high-threshold SEVESO storage plants (& LNG terminals) in France. Deployed in 2017, the SiRFULL industrial platform hosts more than 68 users in the cloud. Every day, the solution processes and shares data about the regulatory monitoring and the reliability of critical assets. Furthermore, field analyses are performed with the SiRFULL mobile tablet application or through IoT sensors connected to the platform.


Thanks to SiRFULL solution, STORENGY:



GRTgaz:  digital transition and increased manufacturing reliability with the SiRFULL industrial platform


GRTgaz owns and operates the longest natural gas transmission network in Europe. The company transports the gas from storage terminals to various distribution networks: factories, energy sites using natural gas to create electricity, cities etc…


In 6 months, we delivered our digital platform dedicated to several occupations: engineer, inspector, foreman, and welder.
Acting as a cloud-based “Manufacturing Execution System”, the maintenance team owns in the SiRFULL platform all the data and tools needed to prepare the equipments to be installed during the linking operations, as well as the history of traceability data.


Through the intelligent processing of manufacturing data developed by SiRFULL,




ENDEL : Optimization of the traceability and the compliance of its products with the SiRFULL industrial platform


The SiRFULL industrial platform ensures the quality, equipment preparation, and manufacturing for the nuclear sector. Quality monitoring of more than 1,500 equipments has been carried out with the SiRFULL solution since 2016.


Operated as a “Manufacturing Execution System”, the industrial platform SiRFULL helps both the quality and the preparation teams of ENDEL, which are located near the construction of the EPR Flamanville in the West of France.


This specific processing of data enables ENDEL to gain competitive advantages:

  • the accordance of its product’s quality with the highest standard of its market;
  • traceability, transparent and process design.




Discover the SiRFULL industrial platform live with a SiRFULL expert:

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More details about the features:

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