The list of the harmonized norms has been published in JOCE

18 November 2014

The commission of the 12th of September 2014 has published the list of the harmonized norms in the JOCE, in the framework of the implementation of the directive 97/23/CE of the European Parliament and the Council of the 29th of May 1997 relative to the approximation of the legislations of the member states concerning the pressured equipment.

The list contains the references of harmonized norms applicable to the pressured equipment and the norms of harmonized materials for the manufacture of the pressured equipment.


In the case of a norms of harmonized materials, the presumption of conformity to the essential requirements of security is limited to the technical data of this norm’s materials and doesn’t suppose an adequacy of the material and a particular equipment.


Consequently, the technical data indicated in the norm of the materials should be evaluated in comparison to the specifications of conception of the particular equipment to verify if there’s a conformity in the security requirements of the directive “pressured equipment”.


See the list 

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