Teleworking in industry : rethinking work processes

9 April 2020

In the health crisis situation in which we find ourselves, European industry is severely slowing down. The industrial sector is no less affected by this crisis than other sectors: some companies are completely closed down or working at low capacity, with priority given to the protection of workers.

This situation forces us to rethink work processes and change our habits.

How can we use business facilities for teleworking to ensure the continuity of remote service in the area of inspection and maintenance? This is a problem faced by all manufacturers today.


A business platform in SaaS mode allows manufacturers to collaborate remotely, get an overview of the status of their assets even when they are not on-site, and ensure maximum service continuity.


In the field of maintenance and inspection, it is obvious that fieldwork is not an option today.


The PowerMaint platform allows you to automatically make mass changes to all originally planned field operations, move all schedules, and review and modify inspection plans in accordance with current regulations.


PowerMaint, which is dedicated to maintenance and inspection, allows manufacturers to work upstream of field operations, before deployment:

  • Creating and changing mass maintenance plans
  • Creation and modification of mass inspection plans
  • Remote maintenance and inspection management


The possibility of access to SaaS platforms makes it technically possible to continue work on the maintenance and inspection of industrial equipment remotely to prepare for a normal resumption of activity within, we hope, a few weeks.


Even in the process or heavy industries, all these solutions enable the implementation of teleworking under optimal conditions and the maintenance of contact with each other. Even in times of crisis, cooperation remains a lever for efficiency and competitiveness.


This situation also allows us to reflect on the implemented asset management strategy and find ways to improve and optimize it.


The PowerMaint platform allows you to move from corrective to preventive maintenance and to adopt a more advanced and optimized approach to maintenance, taking into account the actual condition of each family of equipment.



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