The impact of the use of software on criticity studies

5 March 2020

Today, with the complexity and requirements of various regulations, it becomes difficult, if not even impossible, for an industrial company to manage its equipment correctly, without the use of a CMMS for maintenance or dedicated software for the inspection of this equipment.

It is estimated that, out of 100 pieces of equipment to be managed, the task will be difficult although possible at the price of rigor and attention at all times, with staff totally involved and available, an “EXCEL” type spreadsheet, but also with all the disadvantages of this type of management:

  • Random data consistency
  • Empirical traceability, management of staff replacement or absence
  • Homogeneity of the regulatory follow-up and reliability of the inspections depending on the personnel in charge
  • Etc.


From a hundred or so pieces of equipment, a dedicated IT tool becomes essential.

We know that today, the fundamental principle for monitoring equipment, and more particularly for pressure equipment and overhead cylindrical storage tanks, as part of the modernization plan, is relatively well defined and is based on a strategy that is both simple and complex.



Basic principle



NB: For sites without a CRS (monitored by a competent person at the site or subcontracted), which is not currently mandatory, the trend is for operators to push for the implementation of inspection plans at their sites.


Positive impact


The risk analysis is based on:


  • A “Probability” factor covering many parameters, fixed or not
  • A “Consequence” factor that also includes many parameters, fixed or not.


It is imperative and indispensable to have an IT tool that can generate these risk analyses, according to and in compliance with the texts used, while being flexible enough to adapt to the specific characteristics of each operator.



Positive impact: reliability and consistency in the treatment of equipment, which is indispensable and required by the regulatory authorities.



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