22 March 2017

Alstom Wednesday 25 January

Wednesday 25th of January 2017, SIRFULL was in a visit at ALSTOM -in Reichshoffen- in the company of a delegation of young Alsatian companies.
The object of this meeting? Bring together the small structures of our territory to a big group and create value! In the program: exchanges around the digital innovations and visit of the workshops of Alstom in Reichshoffen, Bas-Rhin. The day was punctuated by a passage of the company ACEA, electronic card assembler, Gundershoffen.


We are happy about this enriching exchange, synergy of technological innovation and Alsatian economic dynamism.


SIRFULL would like to thank SEMIA, ADIRA, and BPI for this awesome initiative and to Mr. Jung from Alstom and Mohr from ACEA for their kind welcome and availability.


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