SiRFULL technology acquires solutions vendor 2IO Conseil

5 July 2018

Schiltigheim, July 03, 2018 - SiRFULL technology announces the acquisition of 2IO Conseil, a major French Software vendor dedicated to industrial inspection for 15 years.

This acquisition will help SiRFULL technology accelerate its global asset management and maintenance offering centered on reliability and sustainability. 2IO Conseil customers will have access to SiRFULL technology‘s advanced data management expertise within a cloud platform dedicated to the complete lifecycle of industrial assets.



Within SiRFULL | asset management®, SiRFULL technology offers companies from the processing industry a digital solution helping them to maximize the reliability and availability of their assets while minimizing operational costs and risks. SiRFULL | asset management® concentrates the SiRFULL technology‘s unique expertise in the innovative management of asset information flows into a flexible digital environment that is easily customizable by its clients.

The addition of 2IO Conseil’s software solutions – LINSPEC® and SDMA® – will bring business expertise and additional processes focused on the inspection of critical assets in the processing industry – such as oil and gas, energy and chemicals – which complement SiRFULL‘s existing offering. The combination of 2IO‘s business and SiRFULL technology experience strengthens the link between asset performance in their overall lifecycle, preventive inspection, and reliability-centric workflows.




Counting already more than 30 co-workers, the 2 companies reunited will, at the end of 2018, have more than a hundred clients, which means more than 150 equipped industrial sites.


This acquisition is positively impacting on our company. It will allow us to develop our R & D, as well as our market acquisitions in France and internationally. It was made possible thanks to the support of our 4 partners: BNP Paribas, BPI France, KPMG, Mazars and our shareholder SCR Alsace Création. “Says Jean-Claude Lambolez, president of SiRFULL technology.

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A propos de SiRFULL technology


SIRFULL is a french vendor specialized in developing Asset Management, Preventive-Predictive Maintenance, and Welding Quality Solutions.


SIRFULL has a mission to bring innovative software solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturer (boilers, pipe fitters…) & operators from various industrial and non-industrial sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, nuclear, transport…).


SIRFULL solutions help companies to manage their risks and compliance requirements all along the assets life-cycle; from manufacturing to dismantling. Hundred of users and great companies are using Sirfull’s solutions: Varo Energy, Storengy, GRTgaz, Engie, Emerson Process Management… .


SIRFULL software suite:


Sirfull® | asset management (plateforme de gestion de la performance des actifs)
Sirfull® | welding management (solution gestion qualité soudage)

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Sirfull is a software vendor with a strong industrial culture and French know-how, which develops solutions that enable its customers to anticipate changes in their market.

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