SIRFULL laureate of the “Supporting Innovation” system of Total Développement Régional

14 June 2018

SIRFULL™ Asset approved by Total

What is the “Supporting Innovation” system of Total Développement Régional?


The “Supporting Innovation” Total Regional Development system supports the innovation and growth of French companies in sectors in which Total can contribute its expertise. Thus, Total offers:


  • boot loans,
  • the expertise of Total Group specialists,
  • and support the subject to the creation of skilled jobs.


This approach to support innovation accompanies the financing of projects; from feasibility to industrial and commercial launch. The projects are subject to eligibility and supervised as a follow-up mechanism following the obtaining of the loan.


What is the support dedicated to SIRFULL and the planned developments?


Total Regional Development supports the development of our Collaborative Asset Performance Management Platform: SIRFULL™ Asset. Our solution enables manufacturers and operators of industrial equipment to coordinate their activities throughout the equipment lifecycle, thereby improving their traceability and optimization.


The Plan granted by Total


In 2017, Total Développement Régional granted us a seed loan of 300,000 euros to industrialize SIRFULL™ Asset and allow the company to create 30 jobs within 3 years. This support is in addition to the 4.0 factory approach initiated by Total in 2016, aimed at accelerating the deployment of digital technologies in the industry.


Great help for R & D SIRFULL


The contribution of Total Développement Régional enables us to improve the functionality of SIRFULL™ Asset and to position ourselves with new market segments, such as airport equipment or public infrastructure“.

Jean-Claude Lambolez, Président

Total experts’ evaluation


The project consists of developing a computer tool to support the preparation of Plant Shutdown, which, compared to what exists on the market, is based on greater ease of implementation and simplification of use is a solution well adapted to small structures and “small” Plant Shutdown in complement (or alternative) existing tools.


Philippe Canin, Raffinage-Chimie, Direction Industrielle


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