SIRFULL and MECASEM “keep control”

20 November 2017

17/11/17 - They sign their collaboration around the software "MY SELF-CONTROL"

“MY SELF-CONTROL” is the welding quality management software solution proposed by the MECASEM industrial laboratory and developed by the SIRFULL editor.


Formalized this Thursday, 17/11/17, this close collaboration between the two actors of the industrial quality of the Great East will date. Indeed, the combination of SIRFULL digital innovation and MECASEM’s field know-how aims to accelerate the process of modernization and digitization of the welding workshop in Europe.


From this union, was born the intelligent application for the management of the welding activity: “MY SELF-CONTROL”. After months of development, SIRFULL side, “MS-C” joined the catalog MECASEM.


(photo: Jean-Claude Lambolez (Sirfull) – Stéphanie Chevalier (Mecasem))

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