Reducing operational costs with optimized data management

28 January 2022

There was a time where you had to look for documents in forgotten closets or at the other end of the factory.

After searching through dust and spider webs, you would eventually find the manufacturer’s technical documentation or equipment files you were looking for, hoping the ink had not vanished too much… Well, for some it still is the case, as file management is not what maintenance technicians and engineers do. Loads of paper files were and are still stored, hopefully well organized in dozens of cabinets and hundreds of binders.


By digitizing files and data, you avoid the damages of time and the elements, such as writings vanishing due to light and time or moisture ruining dozens of files. Moreover, digitizing makes it easier to look for and categorize. Thanks to modern-day technologies, the data can be reached on multiple devices locally but even across the world, wherever you have factories or offices. The digital transformation, as part of the Industry 4.0 allows for better information transparency and reliability, improving data quality. With great connectivity come real-time data evolution and insights as well as better decision making, as mentioned in a previous article about Data Quality.

With centralized data management, accessible from anywhere a lot of time is saved. The process gains from it, as well as the maintenance and the leadership by allowing better and faster troubleshooting and more precise performance monitoring.


This is the reason why our solution, SIRFULL PowerMaint™ comes with Swift Data™, an MDM (Mass Data Manager), and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) combined tool. It allows for mass data integration from multiple sources as well as data integrity checking, either manually or via automated procedures. Not only do you gain time by having digitized data, but you also gain time while digitizing said data. By combining the digitized data and the different analyses our product provides, you can make efficient data-driven decisions and optimize your maintenance and inspection programs and strategies.

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