POWERMAINT™ – intelligent solution for maintenance strategy management

27 June 2019

The engine for creating maintenance strategies

In order to strengthen its offer for industrial asset management, SIRFULL technology has developed its “maintenance strategy creation engine“. It is one of the main features of the SiRFULL™ platform.


The concept of PowerMaint™


PowerMaint™ allows you to manage the strategy of your equipment in order to ensure that group recommendations are taken into account in the development of maintenance plans and that they respect the necessary periodicities to guarantee the life cycle of the assets.


The goal of PowerMaint™ is to capitalize on knowledge to optimize operational excellence and drive effective operational strategies.



image: process of updating maintenance plans within an industrial group.

How does it work?


PowerMaint ™ allows the creation of rules for the maintenance strategy according to its technical characteristics and its different aspects such as criticality – safety – environmental impact. Once the strategy for a group of equipment has been defined, the maintenance plan is built / updated semi-automatically.


The capabilities of PowerMaint™


Maintenance strategies

Engine for creating maintenance strategies


Maintenance plans

Automatic creation and update of maintenance plans


Control your equipment

Manage all your maintenance strategies for all your sites simultaneously


Less breakdowns and unnecessary interventions.
More reliability and profitability!


– Saving money in re-engineering operations : Stop costly rewriting of maintenance plans.

– Optimize operational excellence : Save and capitalize on people’s knowledge for better strategy management.

– ERP/CMMS interface : PowerMaint™ interfaces with your internal ecosystem such as ERP, CMMS, CAM, CAM, databases, etc.


Lifecycle and periodicity respected


PowerMaint ™ developed by SiRFULL™ is the complete solution for optimizing maintenance strategies, covering the management of all types of equipment, associated trades, the organization and management of operations through maintenance plans.


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