POWERMAINT™ – optimized management of industrial equipment

20 February 2020

The industry is a complex market that has undergone many changes, particularly in terms of technology. Risk management has become a high priority, as well as the visibility and traceability of maintenance operations.

Millions of equipments, various data sources, increasingly strict and constantly evolving regulatory norms, the multiplicity of unconnected digital and software solutions, a large number of external and internal stakeholders, make it extremely difficult to manage industrial sites and groups profitably.






In this context, the optimization of maintenance strategies is THE way to dramatically reduce operational costs by reducing the workload, preventing unplanned shutdowns and costly equipment breakdowns based on the actual condition of the equipments.


Sirfull PowerMaint™ Platform


The Sirfull PowerMaint™ solution is an extremely innovative, scalable and customizable SaaS platform, integrating the 4 main and fundamental modules of an optimized management of industrial equipment based on:


SIRFULL Swift Data module, including :

  • Mass data integration with control and analysis of data integrity: from various ERP sources such as SAP or other
  • Compliance with company standards, ISO, CFIHOS or other standards


SIRFULL Maintenance module, including :

  • A strategy definition and management engine that provides a Business vision for the Management of the impact of their maintenance or integrity operations
  • Optimization and mass execution of different actions such as maintenance or inspection plans


SIRFULL Inspection module, including :

  • An RBI criticality analysis engine that enables unit or mass inspection plan editing
  • A regulatory engine allowing the industrial group to monitor the management of its assets according to the regulatory requirements of different countries

SIRFULL Business Intelligence module, including :

  • The implementation of highly developed Dashboards
  • Perfect data analysis leading the way to predictive maintenance





The majority of digital solutions dedicated to the maintenance of industrial equipment focus mainly on the administration and organization of tasks and resources.

Our PowerMaint™ solution revolutionizes this idea and aims for operational excellence.


PowerMaint™ is an innovative solution for the industrial world, representing an enormous potential to improve maintenance and inspection operations, reduce industrial and environmental risks, improve reliability, safety and thus ensure the profitability of companies.


Its key differentiating features :


  • A process of continuous improvement and a significant reduction of reengineering costs and time
  • Mass data cleansing, structuring and classification according to group standards and regulatory norms such as Cfihos or ISO
  • A maintenance and inspection strategy engine that allows the integration of industrial REXs
  • Mass creation and updating of maintenance and inspection plans, allowing significant time savings and a perfect visualization in real-time through the combination of Business Intelligence
  • An 80% decrease of the re-engineering costs


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