Optimize by 40 % the cost of your field interventions with SIRFULL™ mobile

7 April 2017

It’s the end of the paper documents (inspection plans, reports, forms) during your diverse field operations: inspection, preventive maintenance, visit, control!

SIRFULL™: solution 100% digital


Associated with a hardened tablet or ATEX. SIRFULL™ mobile becomes a field tool dedicated to the inspectors and operators who can access in real-time the folders of the equipment and win consequent time in the management of the discontinuation and other field interventions. Moreover, you benefit from an ergonomic and practical interface to take notes, pictures, videos on the spot. A smart system of the technical library that allows you to quickly fill in the customized forms.


Centralize automatically your field readings without data re-entry, or an internet connection, thanks to the Offline mode


The key advantages of SIRFULL™mobile:

  • No need to take your copies with you on the field
  • The operators always have the latest information available
  • The reports, observations, pictures… are realized easily on the spot via customizable forms and ergonomic
  • The interventions and field tasks are attributed to each operator equipped with a tablet via the collaborative mode of SIRFULL™ mobile
  • Synchronization/ automatic centralization and without data re-entry
  • SIRFULL™ Mobile offline: the application that works offline without the necessity of having an internet connection on the field


SIRFULL™ mobile for which applications:

Petrol and Gaz | Offshore | Power and Nuclear | Chemical and pharmaceutical | Transport | Airport | Structure


For more information:

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