Inspection of industrial equipment with SIRFULL™ Inspection

17 April 2018

What specific features for industrial inspection? What expected results?

Sirfull offers to inspection and maintenance, the innovative software SIRFULL™ Inspection created in collaboration with industry and new technologies experts.


SIRFULL™ Inspection is adapted – among other things – to follow-up of industrial equipment or under-pressure installations.


Features dedicated for equipment inspection and field intervention


Multi-user solution – also available on the mobile tablet – SIRFULL™ Inspection software allows in a few clicks to optimize your daily management thanks to:


  • Generation of standardized records and criticality studies, inspection and control plans, control schedules, inspection and control reports, regulatory compliance files…;
  • Homogenization of inspection and control processes;
  • Realization of field operations via the SIRFULL™ Inspection mobile application available in connected/disconnected mode;
  • Extraction and formatting of equipment sensor data, and inspection robots;
  • Facilities management via customizable decision dashboards.


Significant results reported by our clients


Users of SIRFULL™ Inspection reported:

  • 25% time saving on the semi-automatic generation of regulatory files;
  • 40% time saving on the automatic creation of regulatory documents according to the standards;
  • 35% time-saving avoiding re-keying and errors thanks to offline tablet mode.


Users also benefit from:

  • harmonized and centralized equipment information;
  • Faster detection and analysis of faults and faults;
  • a flexible and easy solution connectable to its information systems SAP, ERP, CMMS etc …).


For further information:


SIRFULL™ Inspection provides features beyond industrial inspection. We invite you to explore our website.


If the o inspection or preventive maintenance interests you, please read the resources below:

–    Customer case with Storengy (gas storage) with SIRFULL™ Inspection;

–     Editing inspection plans with SIRFULL™ Inspection;


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To learn more about SIRFULL™ Inspection, do not hesitate to contact us (free demo, brochure, online resources…).

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