Inspection & centralized data with RBI mobile application

24 May 2019

Transition from an EXCEL / SAP-based organization to a 100% digital solution

RBI (Risk Based Inspection) is an approach/methodology designed to optimize the inspection of industrial facilities.


The purpose of this methodology is to reduce the risk of the assets as much as possible without to generate over-inspection costs.


It aims to develop a “risk-based inspection program”. This is intended to increase the operating assets’ life, reduce their downtimes and extend their residual life while maintaining an equivalent level of risk.


The RBI methodology is widely used in the inspection services of SEVESO classified establishments, for example.


What problem?


The inspection generates a lot of data (thickness measurements, inspection plan, criticality matrices, photos, videos etc.). An inspection strategy requires rigour in data management so as not to overwhelm inspectors and mask important information.


An inspection data management system based on Excel and Word has limitations in terms of digital archiving, reporting and processing of paper/Excel sheets. This has a concrete financial impact on the inspection service (time-consuming on paper management, complications while reporting to authorities), but also on the overall facilities safety.





Below, the customer feedback illustrates the benefits of an inspection service using mobile and dematerialized services to collect and centralize its data.


Example of the implementation of an RBI solution at STORENGY: First natural gas storage company in Europe.


To ensure the digital transition of all STORENGY and ELENGY’s (Engie Group) preventive maintenance processes, SIRFULL™ has deployed its platform on all the company’s plants.


Today, STORENGY operates more than 4,000 pressure equipment located in more than 14 storage plants classified as SEVESO (high threshold) in France. Deployed in 2017, the SIRFULL™ industrial platform welcomes more than 68 users in the cloud. Every day, the SIRFULL™ solution processes and shares data related to the regulatory monitoring and the reliability of critical assets. Besides, field measurements are performed using the field mobile tablet application developed by SIRFULL™.


Mobile Inspection Service


Equipped with mobile tablets, inspectors enter their inspection data directly from the field (observations, photos, thickness measurements, etc.). Back at the office, these data are synchronized with the inspectors’ computer-based application and the reporting is automatically generated.


Storengy enjoy homogeneous and centralized information, and also a geographical representation of the collection network: any defect detected is listed and geolocated“, emphasizes Pascal Merrien, project manager at the Storengy Expertise Centre. In addition,”[…] inspection periodicities are easily retrieved, and all technical data can be used via dashboards and other statistical analyses.” he adds.


With the SIRFULL™ Inspection, STORENGY valorizes its data by harmonizing the regulatory monitoring of its assets, reducing the cost of its field inspections and taking a first step towards the preventive maintenance of its facilities.


SiRFULL™ Inspection


SIRFULL™ Inspection is a feature of the global SiRFULL™ asset using the RBI or IBC “Criticality Based Inspection” methodology and which helps users to improve their inspection programs for chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical sites.


It meets the requirements of the SIRFULL™ Inspection includes a “regulatory” section that adapts to the country’s legislation and indicates to which section of the regulations each piece of equipment is subject. SIRFULL™ Inspection is perfectly adapted to the management of SEVESO high and low threshold sites.


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