How does an industrial platform dedicated to asset management work ?

14 November 2018

In this article, you will discover in a simple way how an industrial platform dedicated to asset management works.

If you are managing an industrial facility, no matter what your job is (inspector, head of maintenance, unit manager…), an “industrial platform” concerns you.


Thank data knowledge, you can understand right away the global functioning of that type of solution, which is essential when performance and reliability of your risky facility are your issues #1.



What is an industrial asset management platform?



The goal of a digital industrial platform is to create as many connections as there are actors linked to the equipment – or asset – and to process all of the data in order to create high-value information to optimize the life cycle of this asset.


In other words, an industrial platform as SiRFULL is not only a technological toolbox to develop functionalities, but also a set of applications that can be used by the different people in charge of maintaining the well functioning of the high stressed industrial sites.


Our vision, with SiRFULL® platform, doesn’t end with sensors and predictive analysis, our project is to offer an ecosystem of unique exchange for the operators, the maintenance/inspection services, managers, subcontractors, with the ability to integrate numerous applications that cover the functions of everyone”, Vincent Saling, marketing manager. “Our solution is situated at the crossing road between turnkey functionalities for maintenance and an Enterprise Asset Management / CMMS.


This “Mashup” helps companies to:


  • Identify breakdowns ;
  • Establish recommendations or proactive diagnosis to optimize the functioning of the assets.


How does an industrial platform dedicated to asset management works?


Just like in every good cooking recipe, we need ingredients. In this instance, those ingredients are technologies that are going to enable a developer of the platform to realize functionalities useful to certain fields issues. Among those technologies, you’ll find, for instance:


  • the means to store your data safely (like CLOUD storage and ON PREMISE)
  • the data to collect (sensors, automatic input …) and treat your data as part of processes related to your business (algorithms, predictive models …)
  • Allowing the elements to display the data in a clear and understandable way (dashboards, Business Intelligence).


In media, technologies linked to predictive analysis are often mentioned. This exploration of specific data establishes future tendencies and behavioral causes. The application of predictive analytics to the world of industry offers opportunities in terms of fault prediction and optimization of downtime.



Focus on “xRM technology”: the innovative SiRFULL touch that makes all the difference!


Some terms are familiar to you (Mobile, Cloud, IoT), others may be less, such as “xRM technology“.

xRM technology refers to the platform infrastructure of SiRFULL®, or Framework in English. These are the foundations where we will tie algorithms and technologies.


However, this infrastructure is particularly chosen for its ability to achieve an extended data relationship.


The possibilities of the “extended data relationship” have particularly appealed to 100 users of the SiRFULL platform. Indeed, this innovative way of digitally managing assets quickly brings value to the industrial world. explanation:


  • The “extended data relationship” refers to the ability of the SiRFULL® industrial platform to focus on the interactions of your equipment and your teams internally and externally. More than just a maintenance and inspection tool, it boosts the productivity and profitability of your business when it is adopted by all of its – maintenance, inspection, technical manager, management, etc.
  • In addition to processing technical asset data, the “extended relationship” technology makes it easy to identify and classify asset information flows.


Thereby, the “xRM” technology enables:

  • a quick implementation of the platform,
  • an easy use
  • The updates and evolutions are quick thanks to this flexible Framework.



What can we do with an industrial asset management platform?


With a platform you can do 2 things :


1. Develop your own applications. The industrial orientation of this type of platform makes it possible to be in phase with the needs of the gravitational trades around industrial installations. This entails having IT developer.


==> With SiRFULL the management of the information flows relating to your assets, as well as many other elements (like the layout of the fields and the structure of the forms), can be parameterized without knowledge of a particular computer language thanks to our “xRM” technology.


2. Use applications “ready to use” developed by editors specialized in your jobs and field and activity.


==> As a vendor, SiRFULL offers its turnkey applications, relying in particular on its expertise in the inspection of equipment at risk, and quality management welding..



Here’s a tour of the features, uses, and applications available in the industrial platform SiRFULL®


Different parts of your business can now easily access and manipulate information about your asset base in a collaborative and harmonized ecosystem.


1. Features and benefits for maintenance



With features specifically dedicated to maintenance, your teams can:

  • Optimize your resource and your shutdowns time by planning the most optimal maintenance actions based on predictive models ;
  • Streamline your spare stocks in connection with predictive models included in the platform.


Those predictive models proposed by industrial platform industrial platform SiRFULL®  allow suggesting automatically the most optimal for every asset. The abilities of this functionality are multiplied when data from sensors linked to the equipment are injected in it and update in real time those modèles.


2. Functionalities and benefits for the inspection


Through modules especially dedicated to inspection, your teams can :

  • Predict and prevent breakdowns of your assets before they occur in order to avoid costly interruptions or incidents ;
  • Organize easily tasks and interventions linked to “risk-based maintenance” through a mobile app for on-site use, generator of criticality matrices, editor of inspection plan etc.


Discover more in detail SiRFULL® for inspection


3. Functionalities and benefits for management



With functionalities dedicated to management, coordinators and supervisors of the plant can :

  • Improve their decision taking thanks to a quick and efficient visualization of the information of the assets ;
  • Enjoy an efficient embossing of the data thanks to technologies from different fields like BI (Business Intelligence) or BIM for a 3D view of the industrial site.


4.  A collaborative ecosystem, open to its environment


  • A collaborative platform enables different people from different fields to work together in a harmonized environment. The data can be shared in intern, just like in extern (with subcontractors for example), the goal being to ensure an efficient and transparent traceability. The access through the web and the unique URL link greatly facilitates this exchange.
  • Connectivity is essential especially when ERP or CMMS already in place in the company holds a lot of data (often difficult to access). In addition, connectivity quickly becomes essential, particularly in the case of connected assets, for example via sensors, which send a lot of information, often in real time. In the end, a connected industrial platform must be able to take full advantage of many data from multiple sources and process them into high-value information.
  • The platform offers possibilities for development. For example, SiRFULL® is a third-party industrial platform application from SiRFULL® dedicated exclusively to welding quality management… Based on the same Framework xRM as the platform, this application developed by SiRFULL offers the same prerogatives of simplicity and flexibility. Its entire connectivity to the ecosystem of the industrial platform SiRFULL® offers interesting perspectives to any industrial operator interested in data concerning quality and history of fabrication of his most precious operating equipment.


In a nutshell, the platform connects you to the lifecycle of your assets. The data of fabrication and operation are traced in a collaborative ecosystem, that can adapt to your context.



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