Editing your inspection plans with SIRFULL™ Inspection

17 April 2018

Key features to realize your inspection plans with SIRFULL™ Inspection

SIRFULL™ Inspection is a software developed by experts in equipment inspection. Among other things, it is designed to manage the inspection of industrial equipment throughout their life cycle.


SIRFULL™ Inspection is able to carry out your maintenance plans and/or inspection plans. The application offers a full range of features for your periodic inspections, requalification etc … .


In addition, SIRFULL™ Inspection allows you to represent the specific control areas on a map or photo of the equipment.


The default technical library of the application saves you time by minimizing the input in the fields of your inspection plan.


SIRFULL™ Inspection can generate and integrate criticality studies EEMUA, DT32,  DT84, DT94.


Coupled with a mobile tablet, SIRFULL™ Inspection software is a powerful field tool for inspectors and technicians who can read equipment records in real-time and save precious time during shutdowns.

All the information contained in the inspection plan can be read via the SIRFULL™ Inspection mobile application; functional in connected/disconnected mode.

Moreover, they can realize their report directly from the ground.


The SIRFULL™ Inspection integrates the periodic inspection of equipment according to the regulations in force.

Editable in PDF, your inspection plans are easy to send to a third party or an “O.H” (accreditation body).


Key benefits of SIRFULL™ Inspection


Think by inspection experts, the features of the app dedicated to the world inspection and preventative maintenance earn you significant time in the completion of your inspection plans, audits and managing shutdowns. 


The proof by example: discover the benefits and the experience by the company Storengy. Our client uses SIRFULL™ Inspection for monitoring their pressurized equipment for more than 14 SEVESO sites, and they found surprising results. Discover the case study.



The realization of inspection plans is one of the many features of the SIRFULL™ Inspection solution dedicated to preventive inspection/maintenance, as well as predictive maintenance and asset management. Other features and benefits are yet to be discovered:


  • Census and geolocation  of your equipment;
  • Multi-site management (unit, site, country) via dashboards;
  • Tracking degradation modes and associated control methods (RBI methodology );
  • Collection and formatting of catch data placed on equipment;
  • And so on.


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