Customer Success : Storengy with SIRFULL™

17 April 2018

Inspection of pressurized natural gas storage equipment and LNG terminals

Storengy adventure with SIRFULL™


Storengy uses SIRFULL™ Inspection to respond to the tasks of their “Recognized Inspection Service (SIR)” working on natural gas storage and LNG terminals. This was the first major project SIRFULL™. Currently, about 60 Storengy and Elengy users work daily with SIRFULL™ Inspection.


Back on the implementation of SIRFULL™ Inspection software at Storengy.



(image: Storengy)


The ground reality


Pressure equipment monitoring: heavy and demanding work for the “Recognized Inspection Service (SIR)”


For the monitoring of Storengy and Elengy pressure equipment, rigour is essential. Thickness measurements are conducted daily to assess the residual life of components on some 4 000 high-pressure vessels. To meet strong regulatory requirements, approximately 500 annual inspections are performed in the year.


Therefore the centralization of the monitoring of the 14 SEVESO plants is necessary. Indeed, before the implementation of the SIRFULL™ Inspection system, the information was collected on paper by the inspectors, who sent it back via different Excel files and Word documents. As for the official inspection reports, they only existed in a paper version, without any digital archive.


The specifications: rationalize the assets inspection


In December 2015, a set of specifications was produced: Storengy wanted a unique tool to centralize all the inspectors’ work, based on a software package and allowing the collection of information from the ground. The offer of SIRFULL™ Inspection has been retained. Still, in the prototype stage at this time, a specific development was, therefore, necessary to adapt SiRFULL | Asset. “The PEPSi project interested us right away because it will eventually enable us to market a prototype we had begun to develop with our Asset Performance Management suite. The Storengy project team performed remarkable technical and relational work”, states Jean-Claude Lambolez, Chairman of SIRFULL.


Mobile inspection and centralized information: the success of the first custom-made SIRFULL™ Inspection project


Equipped with mobile tablets since the beginning of 2017, inspectors captures the data of their inspection directly from the field in real-time (observations, photos, measurements of thickness, etc.). Back in the office, those data are synchronized with the user’s PC and the inspection record is automatically generated.


Now Storengy has homogeneous, centralized and geolocated information: “any detected failure or defect is listed and geolocated“, underlines Pascal Merrien, project manager at the Storengy Expertise Center. “In addition, inspection deadlines are easily found, and all technical data can be used via dashboards and other statistical analyzes”, he adds.


The choice of a tailor-made solution was wise“, explains Caroline Bruggeman, Project Manager with CITI, ENGIE’s IT expertise center, which has supported the project, notably by coordinating relations with SIRFULL. “It made it possible to meet every need and upgrade the tool over the course of development. In addition, choosing Dynamics CRM offers a wide range of reporting and ensures full compatibility with Microsoft office tools, allowing data to be entered with ease.


Finally, the users of Storengy and Elengy have taken over SIRFULL™ Inspection by giving it a nickname, PEPSI for Pressure Equipment Management and Facility Monitoring


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